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Trying to work on keeping promises that I make to myself and others. So far doing well but don’t feel like I can mark this as done quite yet.

Totally better!

I have made sooooo many improvements. I am so much better about money and cleaning and laundry – like a 180. I have more responsibility at work and have done a great job at it.

I still have miles to go in being more responsible with the relationships in my life and promises I’ve made to myself.

But hey – what an improvement I have made!

Yeah me!


I have gotten better at stuff but I still have a long way to go.

My boyfriend is my taskmaster and kicks my ass if I get too lazy or put things off. He is my lifesaver cuz I soooo need someone to ride my ass.

Oh wait – that came out wrong…


well i did a solid three hours work and then decided to stop. i got a lot done – for me that is. i am tired and am going to bed pretty soon.

Ok. I have to focus on one of my areas.

My apartment and the stuff in it. It is so out of control you have no idea how bad it is.

Clothes and papers all over the place. I gotta get rid of some clothes and shoes that I never wear and sort through some papers and other stuff and get this place in order. And maybe sell some of my stuff on ebay.

So I am going to pick out a few good CD’s and at 8:00 on the dot I will start sorting through stuff. And I won’t stop until 2:00 in the morning.

Unless my boyfriend calls or emails me LOL. But I don’t think he has any free time tonight so that is kinda good.

And I have to come up with some sort of fantasy to get me motivated to start this task. So I kinda need til 8:00 to think up something.


I am so irresponsible and undisciplined with every aspect of my life. Money, cleaning, laundry, work, relationships, keeping promises to myself – everything! I like need a responsibility boot camp or something.

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