lotte123 in Weymouth is doing 15 things including…

clear my house of junk

6 cheers


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lotte123 has written 6 entries about this goal

As good as it gets

I reckon I have done really well and achieved this goal as far as it can be achieved. Clearing out is a non stop exercise that has to be done at regular intervals to stop it all building up again. But I think I can sign this one off!

Close, very close

Am now realising that am nearly clear of junk. Now just have to organise my stuff a bit better. Have friend over from New York who is helping me – at least she is trying to – took her a while to get past all my defensive manoeuvres. Have just had the realisation that my frustrations with the house are all tied up with my ex and letting the state of my house get me down and acting like such a victim about it is all tied up with him …

This is hard

Every time I think I am getting somewhere my house seems to have another mini explosion and stuff is everywhere again. Maybe it’s just trying to tell me that it wants to go but I wish it would do it in a more organised and better looking way. Still I either have to do this properly or give up and I am not about to do the latter. Will have some more time tomorrow and I will make some more decisions on what can head out the door and into someone else’s life!

Getting there

Slowly but surely things are starting to move out of the door. Got rid of my TV, freeview box, DVD and video player today plus am going to put some things up on Freecycle (thanks Chancer). Cleared some rubbish from the kitchen and the house is definitely breathing much easier and thanking me for it! I think the next step might well be a car boot sale and try to raise some money …


Today I cleared out the cupboard under the stairs and now my parlour is full of it! I’m not entirely sure how how much stuff managed to fit into such a small place. The fantastic news is that my cupboard under the stairs is beautiful. The not so fantastic news is that the parlour is not looking quite so beautiful …

Step 478

Have cleared out the old office and now my back yard looks a rag and bone yard (or Pikey Heaven – depending on how PC you want to be about these things). So I decided to have a bonfire. Didn’t get very far as had no petrol and it was raining. This is a really boring thing to write about. Let’s get it done ASAP

lotte123 has gotten 6 cheers on this goal.


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