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clear some clutter.

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love2u has written 70 entries about this goal

I want to go through my shelves and select

the books that I can give away or sell since I am probably not going to read them again—ex. college required reading books


gave away 2 books

threw away some more

stuff :)

Going through boxes and organizing stuff and tossing stuff.

found some very old boxes of stuff

threw out several bags of stuff from middle school, high school and college—

found some interesting letters—

no wonder I used to be so stressed out!!!

I need to take more time doing this.

I have been distracted. It would make such a difference if I would just do it. I think it would help if I could get the new direction thing figured out. Then I would know what I need for the journey and what I can leave behind.

I gathered a list of information.

Then I tossed the stack of papers that I no longer need because the info is on the list.

cleared another three stacks

still have more to go

started a record of important dates

nice to keep a written record so I don’t have to keep it in my head

cleared three stacks

threw out two bags of trash from papers of a time period that I let sit there because I wanted nothing to do with the memories

want to put some things in storage until I can get around to them

and move out some of the stuff that is in my bedroom

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