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lose ten pounds

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Not the focus at the moment

Want to lose 10 pounds. The only times when I’ve successfully lost weight was when I was having severe anxiety from a too stressful schedule and lost my appetite altogether. Not sure I want to go that route again. My goal is for walking, walking, walking to be the answer. Now how to find the time to make that happen?


Weight seems to be going up rather than down! Well stopping breastfeeding and starting graduate school has really kicked my butt in the weight department. My photo hardly seems fair as that is me at my goal weight not my current weight.

No immediate solutions in mind for this problem. I’m working on a plan!

failing miserably

Hmmm…cookies in the house!

mindful eating

Mostly, I want to focus on mindful eating.

My latest goal is to eat while sitting down and not finish my kids food if I’m not hungry! This is so tough with a four and two year-old. I make a meal for them and I’m taking bites here and there. I didn’t realize how much I did this until are started being mindful. Also, as much as wasting food makes me unhappy, the ten extra pounds gained since I stopped breastfeeding make me more unhappy.

I’d also like to eat quality over quantity. I often justify eating treats during the day because, being at home full-time, I feel it’s the only thing I have time for and I deserve chocolate. My goal is to find other ways to treat myself—going for a walk, taking the kids to the beach, working in the yard, etc.

I think these simple changes will help me reach my goal.


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