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I am dedicated to working on my cross stitch projects

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joint efforts

My DH has a project he started years ago and I am sure if I got one of mine out he’d start working on his as well – we could do this together! :)

glasses - I'm going to need glasses if this is going to happen

I’ve been working on this but I have come to the realization that I need glasses. I have to have them so I can see. I am no longer able to see the cloth enough to put the needle in the right place. While I’m at it I can also get a magnifier so it is even easier.

So another goal has to happen before this one can progress… off to put that on my list.

Baldy View - EGA Chapter visit

I took my last stitching box to the local EGA chapter – Baldy View meeting tonight with a good friend. She had never been to one of these and I think she liked it. I hope that by me attending this meeting it will get me motivated to do more on my stitching. I’d love to get this goal taken care of and live in the land of no UFO’s. I like the idea of starting one project, finish it and then start another. This is done by other stitchers and I know it is the way I am going to do it from now on. I was able to give away a few kits and patterns tonight and my dear friend is going to work on finishing up a baby item for me. I hope her daughter has a baby soon so she can give it to her daughter for the babies room!

I am glad I got started in earnest on this goal. I can’t wait to report more progress.

going to a EGA meeting this coming week

and I hope to bring a box of stuff I no longer want to see if I can donate it. This will bring down the list to a more manageable size and I can get going on this goal in ernest.

christmas ornament for my son

I made a cross-stitch ornament for my son the first year he arrived here on earth in his human form. I decided it would be cool to make him one a year until he moved out so he’d have a little collection for his tree when he does move out. I started a new one yesterday and I’m almost half way done. This will help me to finish the projects I’ve purchased and get them OUT of this house – well in this case it wont be out of the house cuz he wont move out for at least another 12 years minimum but at least it will be DONE!

I have many more to do but I am getting more interested in working on them lately! I think the nesting instinct in me is kicking in.

pull everything out of the cross stitch drawer ...

and then organize by priority and pick one to work on – finish this one and then go to the next one. DO THIS ASAP! DO YOU HEAR MEYOU NEED TO LISTEN TO YOUR MASTER OF THE CRAFTING IN THIS HOUSE! I AM IN CHARGE!

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