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see U2 in concert

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postponed to 2011

:( Such sad news – Bono had to have emergency surgery so we are not going to see them this month :(

We have to decide what to do with our hotel room and time off?


I’m going to take this off my list until next year. The tickets will be usable for next year.

so we didn't know who the opening act of the show was going to be when we bought the tickets

and guess who owns almost ALL the albums of the now announced opening act?

That’s right – ME!

Lenny Kravitz is opening for U2 when we go see them in concert this JUNE!

Amazing Universe – thanks!

outfits obtained

I selected two little dresses to wear – they both cost less than $20 so I’ll get to pick once the day arrives and just wear the one that feels right! :)

now i just need to figure out what shoes to wear with them – I’ll have to buy a pair because nothing I have will work that I own now. Unless I wear my flip flops! :)

we got the tickets

so now we just need to go – 6 months to wait – what am I going to wear? We are going to do a U2 marathon video weekend and I’m going to fill my mp3 players with a ton more of their music. My DH is so stoked it isn’t even Funny!

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