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write letters to teachers i'd still like to talk to

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ms. scaramella

upon going through old things of mine, i realized even more how instrumental ms. scaramella was in my beginning stages of writing. i was writing a horrible teen novel a la “sweet valley high,” and she read it and edited it. i want her to know that she gave me more than most teachers ever do. but how do i find her?


my letter to ms. scaramella came back.

i don’t know how to find her now.


woo! lidia replied to me!


lidia was my creative writing professor at mt. hood community college while i was still in high school. i dare say she is the coolest, most understanding teacher i’ve ever had. plus she is totally hip and fun to talk to. she put great comments on my written words that actually helped, instead of just saying “it’s good.” i had independent study with her, and that fucking ruled. she’s also an ordained minister, and i really want her to do my wedding. later on in life.

i just emailed her. she is sometimes flaky with email, but oh well.

i wrote it

i wrote a short note to ms. scaramella. i didn’t want to pour out my heart and soul YET, since i don’t know if her address is even right.

i think it has been sent; my parents had to get 2-cent stamps.

miss scaramella

there is one woman i would really like to find. her name is tracy scaramella, and she was my 6th grade humanities teacher. she helped me get my own website going and pushed me to want to write. she wrote amazing things in my yearbooks:

Always bright, always differently driven and always more ahead—all the best and a pen that never stops are my wishes to you.

i have her address that i got in probably 8th grade, but that’s all. i think i’ll send a letter to it.

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