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Make cute dolls out of the mismatched socks and donate them to kids' charities

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lovingeveryminute has written 6 entries about this goal

Sorting Socks

It turns out the giant laundry bag full of mismatched socks had a lot of mates in it. A lot. And a lot of those I can still use for dolls, but some of them are fairly new and need to be worn—not cut up.

So a-sorting I will go. Well, actually, I have gone. And done.
I only have a few white ones left, like a normal laundry amount.

I’m getting really close to having time for this goal.


My darling daughter found the giant bag of fuzzy yarn and now I can continue with this project. Hooray!

As Soon As I Find The GIANT Bag of Fuzzy Yarn . . .

. . . I’ll get back to completing this goal .
I hope nobody put it in the give-away.

Cuteness Makeover

After I had the pink buttons sewn on and looked at her for a couple of days, she gave me feelings closer to the leer of Vampira than the grin of Miss Trudy the Cutie. So my daughter and I went to a fabric-by-the-pound store in a neighboring town and spent an hour and a half (or more) digging through several bins of buttons to find a hundred or so eyes for the dollies I (or maybe we) will make.

Then I came home, cut her eyeballs off . . . yeah . . . and sewed these pretty green ones on, gave her a smile, and now she looks ready to be someone’s friend. ♥

Much CUTENESS!!!!!

I can’t believe it’s been a year and half since I invented this goal and I haven’t done anything about it. I think about it all the time. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long.

Well, last night I was going through the mismatched socks, and one of the dolls I made 20sumodd years ago was in the basket (no doubt put there to remind me to make some more). Apparently, the timing was finally right, so i found 2 socks I didn’t need and made a doll. It took all of 20 minutes. Then I made the hair, which took at least that long again. Then I made the cute little dress, without a pattern, and it took about 3 hours. This morning I made some little pantaloons for underneath, and I took her to the yarn shop to get some buttons for the eyes.

Another customer gave me her advice, and it turned out that she knew my grandmother’s cousins, having grown up in the same town, about 60 miles from here. That was so cool that I decided to name this little miss “Trudy” in honor of her.

Meanwhile, the woman who owns the YARN shop said this was the best use of this pink furry yarn she’s ever seen! Wow. :)

Number Ten -- I'm at it Again

This is the tenth time I’ve chosen a goal having something to do with making cool stuff. Art and creating are obviously very important to me. Now if I could only fit enough time in a day to DO all this stuff…

Well, this one will help with my cleaning goal, since I’ll be using the huge laundry bag of mismatched socks to accomplish it.

Plus, it will be fun. I made a bunch of sock dolls for my kids and their cousins several years ago and they turned out great. I think mismatched ones could be even cuter!

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