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lovingeveryminute in Mesa is doing 34 things including…

make my bedroom a sanctuary of peace

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It’s amazing that I haven’t written anything on this goal in almost three years. The bedroom has changed so much since then. I never exactly forgot about this goal; I just never seemed to have anything to write. Hmmm. I’ll have to do better.

Today I rearranged things again. Gave my Dearest a little more room for his desk and drawing board area, and sorted through a box that had some great stuff in it. I hadn’t done that in a while because the boxes are now all over to one side of the room, not bothering anything.

My bedroom is probably twelve pounds lighter now that I put away (or threw away) the things that were in the box.

One thing I found was a big fat fashion magazine from which I had planned to remove the eyes from the pictures to use in a collage. Today, instead of just tossing the magazine in one pile or another, I actually went through the entire thing and ripped out all the eyes I needed. Sounds kinda morbid, doesn’t it? Well, what I’m going to do with them is sweet and awesome, and now the one ounce of eyes is in an envelope and the rest of the 3-pound magazine is in the shred box, so it can become new paper.

Number 6 is done!!!

The spare mattress is out of my room. Yay!

Once I FINALLY got my game closet all organized, the hall was bare again, and it’s four feet wide and echoey, so I dragged the mattress around three corners, tipped it up so it is standing vertically, and leaned it against the wall.

“Doesn’t that look a little tacky?” you might ask.

Maybe. So? It gets used a lot—by the very people who would otherwise come down the hall and call it tacky, but they don’t because that mattress is one of the reasons they come to our house instead of staying at a hotel.

That and the big homemade breakfasts they get for free when they wake up.


About half the boxes are gone!

Yay! I went through boxes today and got rid of a bunch of stuff and condensed what was left into fewer boxes. That by itself was pretty huge, but that was the little, easy part.

I moved all the boxes from in front of my dresser. It’s a long, low dresser and because the boxes FIT right there, they seemed to take up residence. There are still plenty of boxes to go through on TOP of the dresser, but I have that much of my floor back and I am psyched! The boxes are now up on shelves and are accessible when I need them, but not in the way, and my bedroom just took one giant step toward becoming a sanctuary of peace!

Aaahhh . . . A Sanctuary of Peace

Ever since I first stumbled across this goal back in July, I have been thinking about all the wonderful things I could do to transform my bedroom into a sanctuary of Peace.

The room is stacked with boxes right now. No, I’m not moving and I have lived in this house for 12 years. I file and store things in boxes, that’s all. We have virtually no storage in this house except the garage and I don’t want all my possessions stuffed away in the garage.

I have to do some thing, though. The room has the ambience of a warehouse, or at best, an office, but certainly not a sanctuary of peace.

These are the steps I have thought of so far. I don’t know how long it will be before I can really start accomplishing them, but at least I will have something to think about:

1. Clean the room. This is not as easy as it sounds. Only half the room belongs to me and the other half is MY other half’s business. He will not appreciate me moving around or messing with any of HIS stuff. Maybe I can make a cute little gate between my side and his. hee hee hee =D

2. Put away, throw away or give away all of my clothes. I have been slowly doing this for a while, but I’m getting the idea that it may be time to overhaul (or would that be “underhaul”?) my wardrobe.

-3.- Minimally make the bed—just good enough for sleeping until I really get to the bed part of my plan. I don’t want to spend time making it every day when I have so much else to do. Done!...Minimally.

4. Go through each and every box. Condense boxes and get rid of a lot of stuff I’ve been holding on to “in case I needed it.” Store condensed, labeled boxes in Office closet [such as it is (eyeroll) I need to clean it out first!]

5. Put up the two big pictures and move the small ones to smaller spaces. All of them are Kinkade-style paintings of country cottages with peaceful paths or gardens, so they will be perfect for what I want to accomplish in there.

-6.-DONE!Get that mattress out of my room!!!!! We have an extra king-size mattress that the kids drag into the family room to camp out on when they have friends over, or our relatives use when they come to town. It used to lean against the wall in the hall, but has lately come to residence against the craft hutch in MY room. I do not like it there. It doesn’t really have a place and can’t be maneuvered around all the corners it would take to get it in and out of the garage. Plus, the hall is all echoey now. It may as well go back there.

7. Make luxurious curtains with tiebacks and buy a fancy curtain rod to hold them up. I will have to work around the blinds, but I plan to do that by ignoring them.

8. Get a little stand for my “new” jewelry dresser and set it up in my sitting area. First paint the narrow, 15-drawer dresser all cute. I was thinking M.E. style, but that would go better in my studio. OK. #8 checked off. I’ll put the jewelry dresser in my studio.

8. Now I need a new #8. OH! Clear off the dresser so I can put my boombox in there to play soothing music … or totally jam out with some hip hop when I’m in the mood. =)

9. Re-design the closet so the husband won’t be afraid to go in there and put his clothes away. It’s not scary now. In fact, it’s probably the best part of the room, but he piles his clothes on top of his dresser so he won’t have to walk all the way across the room to the closet. AAAACK! It’s exasperating. I’m sure he would appreciate having a sanctuary, too, but he likes the convenience. Maybe I should just have him build himself some shelves around his dresser and I can take over the ENTIRE closet. Yeah. That’s a good idea!

10. The Bed. The only real sanctuary in the world. The place of physical rejuvenation. The place of physical intimacy. The place of staying up all night dreaming with each other and sharing our dreams with the Universe. ... Yeah, well we don’t have a headboard, so the window covering I put up will serve as part of the bed decor. I will look for rich colors and soft linens to complete the setting. I have a bunch of pillows already and if they don’t go, I will make pillow cases in better colors and MAKE them go. I can tie pretty cords and ribbons around old pillows, too, and give them a totally new look.

This is going to be great. :]

If only I could start immediately, but I have other projects to tackle first. Soon. Very soon!

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