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stop pulling my hair

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34 days pull-free!

the urges are starting to go away entirely. i ran out of NAC vitamins and i haven’t relapsed since.

i can’t tell you how good this feels. it’s only been 34 days and i’m already starting to forget the feeling of release i got from pulling.. and i don’t want to remember.

:) keep it up you guys, i know you can do it.

23 days! i don't need hairspray anymore!!!

that’s how long i’ve gone without pulling so far!!! i’ll keep updating this to let you know how i’m doing, because even though 23 days seems like a really long time, i’ve got the rest of my life to relapse. but who knows, maybe i actually CAN stop this!

i’ve improved my diet immensely and cut back on smoking in an effort to improve the health of my hair and my hair has been growing considerably. seeing my hair just a little bit longer all the time gives me the strength to not touch even when i really want to. i eat a diet of high-protein foods, like oatmeal, yogurt, cottage cheese, lean meats, peanut butter and nuts, and i’ve increased my green vegetables. i take a multivitamin every day, along with an omega 3-6-9 supplement, a B-complex vitamin, 2000 mcg of biotin, and 1200 of n-acetyl cysteine (see previous entry!) a day. the NAC and the B complex really help with my pulling urges and general anxiety, and the biotin and omegas help my hair grow and be healthy. i feel a lot healthier too!

i’ve discovered that, for me, grabbing handfuls of hair and giving them a little tug (but not pulling them out!) to stimulate the hair follicles satisfies my pulling urges for the most part. i also give myself a little head massage when no one is around for good measure. i’m trying to replace the bad habit of pulling with other mindless ticks.. like instead of ripping the hair out, just twirling it constantly. or rubbing the palms of my hands. these things are obvious and make me look like a nervous mess but at least i get to keep my hair! i would rather be an annoying hair twirler than have those soul-sickening bald spots..

maybe i’ll post some pictures of the progress of my hair in the last month as compared to a couple of years ago. the difference is remarkable!

i think the most important step in kicking this addiction/habit/whatever it is, is to start from the inside. get healthy, and your mental health will improve as well! and once you manage to stop, it’s only downhill from there! your hair will start growing back right away. and hair grows faster than you think!

dear friends,

i have managed to go my first full week pull-free in nearly 3 years. i have started a notebook, one month for each page, with three columns: in the first column is the date. the second column i put a check mark or an X, a check mark meaning that i went the whole day pull-free. the third column is to write the number of times i slipped up on the days that do not have check marks. it has been working incredibly well.

i have also started taking the vitamin supplement N-Acetyl cysteine, or simply NAC. i take 1200 mg a day. google it: there have been studies done with trichotillomaniacs that have proven successful. and it has really been helping me. along with making a conscious effort, my urges to pull have decreased to practically nothing. i don’t know what this vitamin does, but i encourage you all to try it if you are able to spend money on that sort of thing, give it a try for 12 weeks. it might not work, but then again.. it might! :)

i miss my old self..

i used to have a head of full, beautiful, thick, long hair. now it is down to the nape of my neck, thin, and i’m super self conscious about anyone touching it. i’m thinking of showing my bald spots to my boyfriend just so i can stop worrying about whether or not they’re showing when i’m around him. i spend 25 minutes in the bathroom every morning doing my hair and making sure they’re all covered. he knows i pull, but i’m still embarassed by it. it’s ruining my confidence.

this is my new year’s resolution. i’m going to start going to professional therapy for it. i’m going to stop!

if anyone wants to join me in this, i’m 17 years old and my e-mail address is lindsaystewart@hotmail.com. i want a support buddy.

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