Smiling to myself today... in McKinney is doing 42 things including…

Get 100 flags on my 43T flag counter

9 cheers


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Smiling to myself today... has written 42 entries about this goal

63. Cyprus

Cyprus is the third most populous island in the Mediterranean Sea and one of its most popular tourist destinations.

It is one of my dream vacations!

62. Puerto Rico

Hello Puerto Rico

I would love to visit your beaches!

61. South Korea

Hello, South Korea…thank you for visiting!

60. Palestinian Territory

Palestinian Territory Population: 1,710,257

59. Isle of Man

The population is smaller that the town I where I live.

Thank you for visiting!

58. Ecuador

Hello Ecuador! Thank you for visiting me from South America.

57. Nepal

Nepal, the home of Mount Everest…

Thank you for visiting!!!

56. Lebanon

Thank you Lebanon for visiting today.

The Lebanese Republic is a country in the East Mediterranean, with a rich history.

Summer and winter sports are popular in Lebanon because of the unique geography, a little like southern California. In fall and spring it is possible to go skiing in the morning and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea in the afternoon. Lebanon has six ski resorts. Canoeing, cycling, rafting, climbing, swimming, sailing and caving are among the other common leisure sports in Lebanon. The Beirut Marathon is held every fall, and it has become a tradition for many to participate in costumes or outlandish clothing.

Beirut is the capital of Lebanon.

55. Trinidad and Tabago

I am late in posting this….I’ve been a bad 43 thinger lately. But, thank you Trinidad and Tobago for visiting back in April.

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is in the southern Caribbean, lying off the coast of Venezuela and Grenada.

Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago is the most significant event on the islands’ cultural.

This Island Country is also the birthplace of the limbo.

:) I want to come visit.

54. Lithuania

I sat at 53 for quite a while.

Thank you for visiting, Lithuania!

Smiling to myself today... has gotten 9 cheers on this goal.


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