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Kiss in the rain

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where is love??????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it drives me insaneeeeeeeeeeeeeee


its like hearing beautiful romantic music… sigh

whish whish romance is coming, whish romance is on its way..

i know i found the right person, just i have to wait til i find them and plant one on them in the fucking rain! makes me frown not knowing if this will ever happen. so natural you cannot plan for it


i wanna just randomly spontaneously kiss someone really passionate and deep and strong and hard without any precautions without anything holding me back, and without the whole, eww get off of me or anyone acting weird or crazy because i do it randomly. that takes extreme balls!


:( im sad…. i havent been kissed in hmmm…. over 5 months! thats sad… wasnt even a good kiss, sloppy make out ahh those suck


its just the most bestest thing in the world. i feel like itll never come true !!!


theres only so much u can say….


ohhh just look how cute and sexy that is i want that to be me :(



theres no rain

hasnt been much rain here

let alone anyone to kiss…..

i guess ill go makeout with my hand than

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