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walk, look, and smell like a supermodel

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constant goal

its never enough. theres always MORE… like I will need to be MORE perfect bETTER PERFECTION! because I’ll never loook like THEM the supermdoels. Its just not in my genes. But I can always try my best. Which is clsoe enough.


today after my shower i put on estee lauder pleasures intense and sprayed that perfume. its one step towards smelling like a supermodel. yay for este lauder scents! i felt luxurious cuz i didnt use jsut ANY lotion or some CVS brand, but one from a department store. lol. and im practicing my walk, but its hard when you ahve a million people around. grr.


i just want a sexy surfer back…. i have a sexy back i just need to work out more. its naturally nice but i can improve it


sounds exciting but i bet it requires a lot of work, any helpful effective techniques

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