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identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)


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Having trouble thinking of happy things today (sad day)...but I’m trying…

11. Reading other people list of happy things
12. opening the blinds in my bedroom to let the light in (the cats then sit on window sill which makes me happy)
13. those little clementine oranges.
14. honey mustard
15. dancing to indian music in my living room (alone)


6. candle light
7. bubble baths
8. the nice replies and cheers from other 43T people
9. feeling connected to a person and knowing they feel it too (rare)
10. I am a promise: The children of Stanton Elementary School


In no particular order…

1. My cats
2. When my house is clean
3. Being thanked by my patients or their family
4. When the weather gets chilly
5. Being appreciated by my co-workers


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