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Go on a road trip

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When I first committed to this goal, I just wanted any roadtrip.
Then I started doing some with my family and I was like, “Well, I’ll have to mentally modify that one to mean ‘with friends’.” But now, after driving 5.5hrs with my parents on our second roadtrip of the summer, really…I’m good.
My roadtrip desire has been satisfied at least for the next couple of months.
Now of course, this won’t mean I’ll pass up anything with my friends as some ideas have been brought up, but it’s not important enough to me any more to keep it on the list.

Good luck to all you others, and if you need a place to crash overnight on one of your own adventures, ring me up in TX.


He suggested going on a roadtrip beginning of August, just us
would I do it?


well, tomorrow concludes Roadtrip #1 of Summer 2007. Went to Panama City Beach, FL and back with the ‘rents. ‘Bout 13 hours straight.
Interstate 10 through Mississippi is absolutely gorgeous on a lightly cloudy day. The marshes in Lousiana, while logically a pain during summer, were lovely today, too.
Talked to mum bout the OK trip with Kay, and it’s a go. Ready to make plans.
Considering arranging another RT with friends to AL to see a friend who’s there all summer.
Already got an AL trip planned with the ‘rents for July to go to my dad’s HS reunion.
AL is priceless.


Goin’ to Stillwater in May and College Station in October??


oooooh man
been having intense cravings for a good roadtrip soon
I think a week in summer is going to have to get this one going…


Best friend spoke today about going on a road trip; just leave and go to a bunch of well-known colleges.
Would be nice, but I think we’d come too much to regret our current choice.

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