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stop procrastinating


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luvdlux has written 3 entries about this goal

Too much to do

I have SO much to do, i become paralyzed. I prioritize, i write it down, but somehow, i don’t have time to finish this actual task, or keep changing my ist and where I keep it and how I deal with it. I have a palm i have a journal..etc..but i still feel overwhelmed, so instead i go and do soemthing i don’t have to do because if i do something i need to, i fell like “shouldn’t i be doing something else that is more important?” ug

the next 1.5 hours

I have a bunch of things to do that are so anxiety ridden
-receipts for the lawyer against ex’s debt toward me
-go through stacks of mail
-homework email, set up a plan

I went to the doctor

I went to the doctor, despite wanting to cancel and stay in bed..felt good after i did and returned to bed.


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