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lyeshea in Sacramento is doing 27 things including…

find at least one thing each day that makes me happy and record it everyday for a year

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lyeshea has written 83 entries about this goal


Doing this in my diary now. not home enough to go online all the time and update.


Yesterday. Wow.

Days 140 (cont.) - 146
Day 140, Sat. Dec. 9
  • worked on my project. Last part takes forever.
  • Dinner with my friends in davis. Random conversations are fun. ILH is dating somebody fun.
Day 141 Sun. Dec. 10
  • Spending time with my family, we went bowling with my cousin, me SCj and my grandparents and to hometown buffet.
  • Started the day off right. Went running in the morning, I punked out, but we still had a long walk.
  • played rummy.
Day 142, Mon. Dec. 11
  • Second to last day of accounting! (until next semester) No homework for chapter 12
  • Umm…
Day 143, Tues. Dec 12
  • Went running after work, SCj met me there so we could jog before the sun went down. I didn’t punk out.
  • Work went quick.
  • Ended the day on the up and up.
Day 144, Wed. Dec. 12
  • Last day of class.
  • Got my 5”x7” card all ready to go.
  • Saw SCj and my family for two minutes before class, we tried to eat dinner together. Didn’t quite work, but we tried.
  • SCj found an awesome condo for me.
Day 145, Thurs. Dec. 13
  • Missed the bus, visited SCj for ten minutes in the morning.
  • Worked on my project, talked with my grandma.
  • Ate dinner with my family, just boston market, but we still talked and stuff so that was good.
Day 146, Fri. Dec. 14
  • I finally (!) cooked for SCj. I made Okie tacos (similar to grilled stuft burritos at taco bell, but better cause they’re like my gramma makes).
  • Looking at pics of the condo w. SCj.
  • Binks trying to walk.

Day 135 -140
Day 135, Mon. Dec. 3
  • Sleep. Seriously fixes everything. Went to bed at 6pm.
  • Saw SCj for like two minutes.
Day 136, Tues. Dec. 4
  • SCj made me do my homework and made me dinner.
  • Totally impressed.
Day 137, Wed. Dec 5
  • Didn’t miss anything at accounting on Monday, so I was just in the right place in class.
  • Ate dinner with my brother and he even filled out a job application—he seemed so amazed by how easy it was to get an application, although he thought some of the questions and the way that it’s set up were stupid, but then it was the first time he’d ever filled one out.
Day 138, Thurs. Dec 6
  • SCj met me at the bus stop, completely randomly. SO I made him come for dinner and we ate meatloaf.
  • I worked on my secret project and it’s like 95% done.
Day 139, Fri. Dec 7
  • I rode the bus for one whole week, no holidays, no missing the bus every single day. Go me.
  • Spent the night with SCj.
Day 140, Sat. Dec. 8
(it’s morning still, but I’ve got a couple things already)
  • cuddling, waking up in my sweetie’s arms.
  • Going for a walk.

Day 134

Sun. Dec. 2
• I saw Santa out riding his motorcycle with a little girl (of the elfin variety perhaps around 800 years old?) wearing a pink helmet tonight. Really helps that my eight year old cousin was in the car. So awesome. Totally using that in my words for today too. Which I need to sit down and write.
• Worked on my secret project for about twenty minutes. Ready for the last step.
• SCj is a total doll and umm if anybody reads this you should throw cheers his way because he came down and went to the ice skating rink (he doesn’t skate) and sat on the cold bench not bundled up for almost two hours and watched me and my cousin skate cause SCj is just amazing like that and spending time with me is worth that much to him. And so I got to see him like all day.
• Spending time with my family and talking a bit with them.

Days 132 & 133

Fri. Nov. 30
• Writing on the bus, in both directions.
• Today was just right during my walk at lunch, it was absolutely gorgeous and I walked faster because I was wearing running shoes not dress shoes. So that’s always nice.
• Spending the night with SCj.
• Two for me three for you.
• Getting dinner made for me again this week :D

Sat. Dec. 1
• Awesome day for me.
• Waking up with SCj in the morning was a way to start the day off right.
• Gave blood for the first time in a year and a half because I was deferred fore one whole year after going to the most awesomest waterfalls in South America and I was in South America for five months before that, so I’m finally free to give blood.
• Brought SCj lunch from subway, but still he said I made his day :D and then I gave his cookies to the homeless guy who was very grateful.
• Playing cards. I did okay till I got bored. Then I lost everything in one hand and was done.

Day 128 -131

Mon. Nov. 26—Only A in my class on the test I took last Wednesday.
—Dinner with SCj. Good thing he made me eat and not take a nap.
—Busy busy at work. No boredom here

Tues. Nov. 27—SCj made me my super romantic dinner and it was awesome, totally surprised me, made steak, what girl can turn down a good steak?

Wed. Nov. 28—Writer’s book of days, I got it yesterday at borders.
—missing the bus, gave me a stolen five minutes with my sweetie. :-D

Thurs. Nov. 29—SCj picked me up from work, total surprise.
—Making the bus in the morning
—talking with my grandparents tonight for a little bit
—finding a 5×7 notecard for the final. (one 5×7 is bigger than two 3×5s we voted) (and my gramma helped me)
—pay day

Day 122-127

Tues. Nov. 20
• My mommy’s b-day. We went out for sushi.
• SCj helping me try to get my mommy’s b-day present ready in time. And just spending time with him and my family. Sorry if I was cranky.

Wed. Nov 21
• SCj letting me do my homework at his house and just getting to hang out with him.
• Getting off work early.
• Being busy all week at work. No boredom. Score!

Thurs. Nov 22
• Finishing my mommy’s b-day present and giving it to her. It was an awesome scrapbook.
• Thanksgiving and having everyone over.

Fri. Nov. 23
• Leftovers.
• Second Place at Beerfest oh yeah! and SCj’s sis was my partner so it was good stuff.
• No work. Awesome super long weekend.
• Shopping with my mom and Gramma kind of was a bonding thing too. and we went to lunch and stuff.

Sat. Nov. 24
• Waking up cuddled up next to my sweetie. :D
• Playing board games with friends and family.
• Random guy trying to get my number as I waited outside (downtown) it was kind of flattering.
• Reading. Finally. I will finish my library books before I have to turn them in.

Sun. Nov. 25
• Realizing how much I’ve avoided the computer.
• Being alive and having my loved ones in good health.
• Working on a top secret project ;-P
• Spending time with my family.

Days 120 and 121

Sun. Nov, 18
• Hanging out with my cousin. He’s eight and I never see him.
• Family time in general.

Mon. Nov, 19
• Accounting class where he explained the problems I couldn’t understand. Okay, just payroll in general got explained. So confusing with all the taxes and withholdings and everything.
• SCj picked me up at work :D It was good getting to see him that extra time on a day I would’ve gotten to see him for like half a minute if he hadn’t.
• Getting homework done on the bus.
• Being nice and busy at work.


So, no internet (very little internet) all this week. Because I’ve been getting up at five instead of fourthirty, which surprisiingly means I take the bus more regularly because I don’t get distracted cheering on 43t’s


Mon, Nov. 12
• Jogging with SCj. It was a good run, a nice pace and he didn’t let me walk which I jusually cheat and walk a little.
• No work, so it was still the weekend. Hurray.
• Resting.
• I made the bus.

Tues, Nov. 13
• I did stuff on Tuesday. It’s a smiley face day. ;)
• I made the bus again :D
• Reading on the bus.

Wed, Nov. 14
• Dinner with my brother, even if it was pressed for time it was still good.
• Figuring out computer stuff.

Thurs, Nov. 15
• Eating dinner with my family and SCj.
• Playing spill and spell :D
• Jut. I win.
• Leftover meatloaf. So good (!)

Fri, Nov 16.
• Cuddling with SCj. And glasses clicking. :)
• Going to bed relatively early b/c I’ve got a touch of a cold.
• Having lots of stuff to keep my busy at work.
• I finished my library book.

Sat, Nov. 17
• Tried to go jogging. Calves cramped up, but it was still an awesome walk.
• The birds I saw on my jog/walk. I saw (I think it was) a sandhill crane, a huge white bird with a big long neck in my neighborhood. It was enormous and it just gracefully flew up and landed on this one house and looked at me. So awesome, and then the crows looked pretty neat too. Crows are huge.
• Going to look at apartments even if they’re all lame and their offices are closed on weekends, I have an idea of a couple now and crossed a few off of my list from the internet.
• Hasn’t happened yet but SCj and my bro are coming down and we’re going to drive to MoTown to go to my Uncle’s coffee shop and watch this little concert thingy they’re having.

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