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Peace is on the molecular level

I have said this before, read this before, written this before. Suddenly it seems even more relevant. I believe that the most important peace we ever wage is in the most inimate of relationships… those with people we actually know and come in contact with on a regular basis. Sure I would like to have peace with the Iraqi people, but I think that the peace that I wage with my son, my lover, my daughter, my ex-husband, my parents, my brothers, my friends, my co-workers, my boss, and all the people who have anything to do with my daily life is how I can change the world. I want to broker peace where I can… where peace is about me.

Give me strength while I drive!

I do not always wage peace while I drive. I even beeped at two people this week… they were both driving recklessly, cell phones in their left hands, and both not looking to their left while turning right at a red light when I had the right of way. I almost ran into them both… two separate incidences at different intersections. I really wish that people would not talk on the cell phone while driving, but the only thing I can do about that is NOT talk on the cell phone while I drive. Maybe I can be a good example? I certainly do not want people to get hurt, and I absolutely do not want to be the one that hurts them (with my vehicle!) I just want to be safe. I just want a peaceful experience when I have to be behind the wheel.

It all starts here

Peace is not a huge thing. It is the peace between you and me. It is forgiveness between two people. It is there sometimes because there is something to forgive. There is a connection of peace, and we choose it. We choose peace when we drive a car and do not give the finger to a guy who cut us off. We choose peace when we reach out to the father who left us behind. We choose peace when we let a small offense not offend us. We choose peace when we keep peace with our neighbor, our lover, our friends, our family, our pets… in our small world of “me”. Peace is in the molecular level. It starts small and spreads (hopefully).


My truelove told me that the first step to peace is to smile. It doesn’t mean that others don’t want to smack you when you smile, but eventually it does wear you down… as I saw today. I had a pretty bad attitude today, but he kept smiling at me, and I realized that he was making peace with me. Made me feel good and want to smile back. The little things are the big things.

This would be so much easier if...

if everyone would stop being such jerks for like one minute… truth is, waging peace in a peaceful world is no challenge. Not sure why I need to feel challenged (haha). However, waging peace doesn’t mean not backing down from a just conflict, it doesn’t mean not getting angry or hurt… it means finding an amicable solution to conflict, anger and hurt. Don’t lose your fangs girl, you’ll need them when you smile.

How to wage peace with jerks

It ain’t easy. It helps to realize that jerks are that way temporarily… usually in the moment. Sometimes the jerky moments last decades… but still, we all have the amazing ability to grow and change. Today’s jerks may well be tomorrow’s peacemakers. It helps me to believe that… otherwise why even try?

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