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The clouds over Western North Carolina for the last couple of days have been spectacular.

Snap Dragons!

They are so sweet! It is the time of the season for snap dragons.

Flowers everywhere

Volunteers popping up in sidewalk cracks. You just gotta admire these little tenacious lives.

Did anyone else notice today?

Did anyone else notice how beautiful the world is today? There a bunches of things in the world that are not perfect, but isn’t she lovely anyway?

She looks (and sounds) just like me

And man, is she beautiful! Me too (dagnabit).


The mountains out-do themselves every day in color and beauty. No wonder people come from all over the world to be here with us at this time. It is magic, and all you have to do is look and be.

His lips

There is just something incredibly beautiful about his lips.

I looked in the mirror yesterday

And I saw my 41 1/2 year old self and thought… wow, I think I am more beautiful now than I have ever been! I didn’t used to see that about me. I was always too round, too splotchy, too pale, too ordinary… too not enough. But now I see that I am a wonderful creation… a perfect balance of all my ansesters… a woman of my time. I am beautiful because I see it in myself. We all should.

I got curves

Try not to hate me.


My daughter graduated from highschool on Wednesday. What was so cool about it was how the faculty and staff really allowed the event to be about the graduates, and it was easy to hear them, see them, know about their goals and dreams. Each of the student speakers gave excellent authentic speeches. The audience was allowed to cheer each student. I was filled with awe attending the event… the rare occasion of sitting with my 9-year old son, my beloved significant, and the father of my children at an event honoring our own girl. The girl the nurse handed to be over 18 years ago, and I suddenly realized I didn’t know everything. I didn’t know how she would grow. I didn’t know how much I would love her, or how much she would change my life… and how those two things would be so connected. I didn’t know how fast time would go by… how she would grow to be my best friend… how much I would admire her, and be proud of her… what great joy it would give me that moment she walked down the aisle wearing that silly cap and gown… and seeing her black pointy hair showing from underneath. My girl, my baby. My beautiful girl. Thanks for making my life so beautiful.

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