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spend an entire day watching the extended version of all three Lord of the Rings movies back-to-back-to-back

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i never thought i would tire of sitting on my fat arse in front of the television

yes finally i have acompilshed this goal! and it was worth it but i found my self becoming restless after the two towers (think about it guys sitting there,in front of a tv screen for roughly 6 hours, who wouldn’t get a bit restless)
how did i find the time you say? well its now chrismas hollidays for me and i woke up one morning and instead of just sitting around watching “friends” repeats or “will and grace”, i said to myself “no, i’m going to use this day to watch all three LOTR” it was very spontaneous of me i think.
so i suggest that for all the LOTR’s fan out there that wish to do wat i have done…dont plan it just wake one day and do it….its the christmas hollidays now so wat else do you have to do beside shopping?


so close to reaching this goal…i plan to do it within the next few days so i let you know when it happens… will happen…I PROMISE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

love to .... but who has the time

like i said, who really has that much time on their hands these days…well maybe it more a thing of “making time” like with everything else i havent done and want to do. but i do solemmly swear i will make time to do this.

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