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I’ve noticed that I break out right before my “cycle” and frankly, it’s very annoying. I’ll go the ENTIRE month without any problems, then BAM – ickiness galore.

And it seems the problems have been affected by gravity. Ever since the oncoming affects of puberty, skin issues have started from my forehead and moved down – now it’s also on my back, which I have never experienced and it’s very disturbing for me these days. I just want things to go away and stay away.

Also, right when my skin is almost done repairing itself and going back to it’s usual appearance, another cycle comes along and I break out elsewhere!

I despise this hormonal crap sometimes. Will it ever just stop affecting my skin, or am I going to be 35 trying to afford a celebrity skin regimen?


I was complimented on my skin the other day. That’s something different! I am rarely told my complexion is lovely, so I think I’m doing something right with this goal…


Haven’t had a facial in several months and that was seemingly okay, but I’ve had to use a different wash because I left my usual at my godmother’s house…

My skin is revolting now.

Back to square one.


Thursday, I saw my dermatologist for our 6-month checkup. She actually said my face was better, so that’s nice. She also gave me cream samples for all the bug bites I have so that the redness will go away faster (which I can then fill a prescription for; that’s how badly bugs love me, if no one believed me before.)

And, I have no growing worries anywhere on my body, and that is always good news.

[By the way, I cannot believe that it’s Monday. Thursday was just yesterday, I swear.]


Had my facial this morning. It was lovely. My face feels very refreshed and cleansed. And I smell pretty…

I’m definitely going to do this every month for as long as my finances will allow.

Now to remember to book another appt in four weeks.

Monthly Facial

So, I want to book a facial for this month…
But so far the places I find are all $65+

$65 a month isn’t that cheap, especially when you have to include the cost of the products you use daily.


It’s nicely coming along.
You know, it really takes some dedication to just have the regime every single day. And that’s not an easy task for someone who doesn’t spend her time putting on makeup or styling her hair.

But, I’m doing it, and I’m trying to stay upbeat when I have my little breakouts.

Sunday, I’m taking my mother for a spa day at Bliss in L.A. for her 60th birthday – it will be part of my first facial session that I plan to stick to every month.

I won’t necessarily be going to Bliss (as they’re very expensive), but I’ll still have it done somewhere. Preferably for less than $40 – eh.


So, every day I’ve done something to my face. Washed, toned, steamed, creamed, whatever.

It’s clear so far, except for the usual things I can’t seem to fix. Like pores and tone. For some reason, besides having freckles, my face doesn’t look “smooth.”

Warning, Menstruation Speak Follows

But, my period is a couple weeks away. So I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m clear for now. Hormones are horrible.

Hello, Doctor

Saw the dermatologist the other week…
Things went swell.

My skin is improving slowly, and I still want to even out the tone. But, I know it takes time, and lots of it.

At least seeing an improvement gives me encouragement to not drop the routine I established. Even though once in a while it all comes crashing down and I think that nothing will ever help.

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