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Well that does it

Bought MoP, installed it, played for an hour and found that I couldn’t be less excited about this game. Which is a good thing. So that was probably my last visit to Azeroth. Deleted the game clients (and backups of the clients), cancelled my subscription and got rid of the boxes. Haven’t touched it for a few weeks now and I don’t feel good or bad about that, which I guess is how it should be. It’s been fun (or at least my brain was brainwashed into thinking it’s actually having fun doing the same things over and over and over) and now it’s time for a long overdue goodbye.

well that took care of itself

since Mass Effect 3 and then Diablo 3 came along… have been game free for a month or two but started to play again this week, this time a classic from my “wine cellar” at (I’m at 44 games and should really not buy anymore as I haven’t played at least 20 of those).

Am very determined to resist MoP next month though. Maybe later, but definitely not right away.

because I really need to

I’m spending too many hours playing and too little time doing the important things in life. I’ve been playing since 2005 with several long breaks between binges. Every time I start playing again this game ends up eating my life, to the point of neglecting family, friends and work and it’s no different this time around. The same can happen with other MMOs or games, but WoW is definitely the most time consuming addiction I’ve had to deal with.
I haven’t taken any drastic measures yet such as deleting my account and blowing up my CDs (saw that on the internet somewhere), but I’ve deleted the game client from my laptop and disconnected my gaming desktop. I think the next step will be to activate parental controls on my account to limit the number of hours I can play in a week, in case there is a relapse. I’m still hoping that some day I’ll manage to play this game in moderation (I do like the stories Blizzard comes up with a lot) and unfortunately I have an annual subscription so anyhow I’m still paying for some time to come.

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