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madamwitty has written 7 entries about this goal

Here he is

A picture taken in the mirror so I could get the right angle…

A sudden kitten

I was talking with a guy at work today and he mentioned he had given a kitten away this morning. Long story short: I ended up getting one of his kittens this evening. A lovely, meow-y anniversary gift.

Pictures to follow at some point. I don’t want to take pictures right now because we finally got him to fall asleep, and I don’t want to wake him up :-)

It's funny

Now that I’ve made the decision to get a kitten for real this time, I’m in no particular hurry to do it. I guess I’ve just been focusing on other things for the past few days…

Back on the list

A friend recently got three kittens, which reminds me how I love kittens and makes me think I could surely be able to get just one. So, I’m putting this on my list for a few days to see if it still resonates, and then I may actually get one. Will have to talk with DH, but it may help satisfy my mothering instinct for awhile until it’s time to have human children.

Giving up on this

Until I get a larger apartment. Or a house. Yes, a house.

Not yet, I guess

After thinking it over, I’ve decided it’s probably not a good time to get another cat. My apartment is kind of small and my first cat would probably be really upset. But, I have promised myself I will get a kitten when I move into a larger apartment (probably in about a year).

here's the plan...

I really want a kitten (I’ve never had a kitten before – just adult cats) but I already have a cat. A crazy cat. A cat with sharp claws. A cat that likes to attack things, probably including a new kitten. So, I’ve decided that I need to take care of the claw issue before I can get a kitten. If I can keep my current cat’s claws clipped for a month, then I’ll get a kitten. It won’t be easy, though – she’s really good at squirming away while I’m trying to clip the claws.

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