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Stop eating junk food


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maddieamanda43 has written 2 entries about this goal

Not a good day in the end.

All of today was going great. Not a single piece of junk food. Until tonight. I went to my SJLC meeting and there were these amazing flat bread chip things!!! SO GOOD! so much regret. oh well. this WILL be my only bad day of the week.

More Successful

I began this a while ago, and since I’m new here, I’m just adding things as I remember them. This one I have actually been pretty successful. There are two mottoes that have really helped me.

1. Don’t go cold turkey! Have a bite or two of your favorite sweet. Just don’t shove your face with twenty kit kats. Share a fun size with a friend, and have one of the bars, but not two. I know it sounds hard, but afterwards, you realize that your sweet tooth is satisfied. If you keep eating more, they lose their temptations anyway.

2. if you ABSOLUTELY MUST have a full slice of that chocolate angel pie your grandmother made for Thanksgiving dinner, think about it before you do. That pie is likely to show up at Christmas also right? Then tell yourself that you can either have a slice now or later. That way you save yourself at least 200 calories in the long run.

P.S. Once you skip out on the dessert once, you will find that your desire for the dessert decreases! Once you reach this, don’t continue bargaining about whether you can have it or not. This is the time to stop this food completely!


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