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Doing it!

We moved to our property in the fall of 2011. Last year, we grew salad greens in a cold frame, potatoes, and tomatoes. We are hauling in water and never have any extra for the garden, nothing did too well since we had a long dry spell. The potato greens looked great, but we got very few potatoes. We had planted them in old hay, so that might have been the issue.

In June, we got 23 baby chicks – Buckeyes – a heritage breed. We ended up with 13 chickens in the freezer, 8 hens & 2 roosters. We sold a rooster recently & life is a bit better without him. The hens started laying in February! :-). We are really hoping some of them go broody and raise some chicks.

I finally (I think) figured out how to keep the chickens away from the cold frame and hope to start some salad greens this weekend. They are free range and that can be a pain when you don’t want them somewhere. They have turned compost in the garden area nicely and I hope to fence it out and plant kale, collards, bok choy and chard – all from seeds saved from the last couple of years. I’m hoping it will do okay with just rain.

I have a vegetable garden!

We are gardening in a little plot someone gave us. Lots of greens right now. We have our house up for sale and our property is a jungle, so this is working out for now.

Getting there...

My husband and I are in the process of moving to our property in the country. We will have to do quite a bit first, but we want to grow our own fruit, vegetables, and livestock. I have grown herbs for years and we have a lot of wild blackberries.

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