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I did it. I finally learned.

I meant this to be my new years resolution but I forgot lol but a few week ago I just said to myself, I’m gonna make some pork chops cause I am hungry! I’m tellin’ ya, this works, if you go in that kitchen when this can do attitude and kinda use your imagination, you’ll be cooking in no time. Now I’m making all kinds of stuff and I think I’m doing a delightful job. I’m 15, i meant to do this before I turned 15 but oh well lol one thing I learned so far about life is that you just gotta sit back and live it and take whatever it gives you and make something out of it. It gave me this strong desire to make something from nothing and I did. =) I wish luck on everyone else!


I mom showed me this past Monday how 2 make a god southern meal :p

Collard green
Northern Pinto beans
Pot Roast
and yellow rice

Its was ALL good and now i no how 2 make it! b4 the year is out her and my sister r gonna test me 2 see what I learned

This is one of my new years resloutions

I’ve been putting this off 4 2 years now and as God as my witness, if I don’t accomplish any other resloution this one I simply have to complete. b4 I’m 15 I want to learn how 2 make stuff like pot roast and great stuff like that, so wish me luck like I wish all of ya’ll, I want 2 prove 2 my mom and mainly my sister that i can b independent, so far I can make waffles and noodles. I’m a very early beginner

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