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Get a real camera

Because I did not take too many pictures with my Coolpix camera I bought a Nikon D70s DSLR. And since then I take more often much better pictures. Meanwhile I traded the D70s for a Nikon D2h, to use old manual lenses. I am shooting film again, too.
I really love to take more pictures.

But when, where and what?

I have a digicam and a mobile with a camera integrated. But I don’t take pictures that much.
While my camera is not big enough to carry it in an extra bag, but too clumsy to put it in my bag, I take my iBook with me, I normaly don’t have my camera with me.
At home I don’t have anything to take pictures of. I’d like to take pictures of my girlfriend – she is beautiful – but she does not like that very much…

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