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Figure out how to decorate for the holidays


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Ironwood branches

There are ironwoods everywhere here. These trees grow like weeds and are considered both pests and special to the point of being revered. They have needle like leaf like green parts that are actually tiny little branches that hang down in clusters. At the end of each minuscule green branch is a glowing golden tip.

I am thinking an array of ironwood branches hung in the narrow lanai strung with lights and hung with ornaments will be totally festive, and not involve the ocean transport of dead trees nor the cutting down of a tree at all. There are already lines of some sort strung there – like clothes line perhaps. That should be adequate to support them.

Pictures later. We aren’t there yet!

So I found poinsettias

And some pots that are plain enough and will keep plant water off the pretty ohia wood floor.

The glue gun has not been pressed into use in quite some time. Now the pots are wearing shell lei all about their tops. With blue glass shards glittery and echoing the ocean colors filling in the gaps between shells. I think I will drape shell lei in scallops below to soften the look.

I still need to figure out how to hang the ornaments – I am thinking on ribbons in the upper third of the windows out to the ocean.

Pictures will come eventually.

Usually this is simple

There is wreath making, there is the Christmas tree. There are the lights.

But we are moving mid season. I had thought of getting a tree and leaving it on the lanai in water until we move. But the more I thought about this, the less appeal it has.

Here’s part of it. Noble firs do not grow on the island. They are shipped across the ocean from Oregon. I realize they were trucked down to California from Oregon too, and this is an important business for the growers.

Yesterday we visited the trees at the Hilo Farmer’s market. They were sold by the foot. They are of course very costly. And the guy who was selling them didn’t have a measuring stick. It was pouring rain. The mood sort of fell away.

When we were at the beach in California, my sister and I had great fun decorating with some manzanita branches. We left them natural and hung them in a corner, suspended from curtain rods. I found some ribbon that looked oceanic, and ornaments that were fishes and mermaids and bubbles. The lights were blue and white. I loved the effect.

Now I am waiting for inspiration, and I cannot wait until we are in the new house as the decorating will have to begin apace when we arrive.

Poinsettias do well here, and grow year round in a glorious display of color. So, poinsettias. Must buy now, as with everything else of the genre, everything of a living nature even if dead like the trees will be sold out by mid month.

So, I am going now to the Farmer’s Market for poinsettias and then to Ben Franklin for wreath forms. The center of the house has a down staircase, a spiral. Over it hangs a ceiling fan. Perhaps poinsettias all around the staircase rail, and a Norfolk pine in a pot on the lanai, strung with lights and a few ornaments.


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