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Let's have a virtual party, a fancy one

We need a theme to begin. Pick one, or suggest one:
Vintage ~ a few seasons back this might have meant Mad Men but lately it seems to be Gatsby.
Masquerade ~ Mardi Gras or Halloween style, or masqued ball
Wine country ~ long tables on a terrace overlooking the vineyards, wine of course, fruit and cheese and artisan meats and olives, crusty bread, stringed music/guitar
Tropical beach ~ infinity pool overlooking the ocean, mai tais and other umbrella drinks, reggae or Hawaiian or other island music, food on skewers, fire dancers or hula or …
Moroccan ~ Casablanca theme, bring your parrot, eat couscous, drink peppermint tea and really good champagne, mourn your lost love who has just walked in to of all the gin joints in all the world, the one you happen to be in
Big City Bash ~ penthouse or restaurant at top of a skyscraper, jazz band, caviar and oysters on ice, vodka on ice, an ice bar

OK, time for ideas from somewhere else.

Who are you hoping will come? How many people? What will you serve? What sort of decor will you add?

And… what part of your party are you going to design your own self – tell! And what part will you leave to the venue to come up with?

Oh – your budget: $50,000 US

Did you celebrate Pi Day?

What did you do? or eat?

What would you like to see on the menu?

OK I know I live in the middle of the ocean, and some foods are not here for some reason. Some foods are just hard to find.

What particular food item or plate or dish would you like to see at your local hang out eatery that simply isn’t to be found?

My list:

for lunch: Sandwich of the day – every day something new, along these lines

for breakfast: the french omelette It looks like this. The egg is swirled in the pan after it hits the hot pan. It is poured thinly and beaten enough to be well mixed but not so thoroughly as to be full of air bubbles. It is lightly filled with a cheese like manchego, and liberally dusted with fresh herbs. A little sliced seeded tomato inside is also good.

for anytime: crispy taco It looks like this one, and never like this one

Do you use Craigslist?

I use it. There are a lot of scams on there, some of which at least are pretty transparent.

So, here I am to share one with you.

There is a “beach house” for rent on my island for $1100. The “location” isn’t spelled right, but then the ad doesn’t seem to be written by the home owner, as that person is referred to in third person. OK, yes, there are some with conceits like that. That does raise a question as to who did write the ad. Here’s how to find out.

You may have noticed there is a small box in the upper left corner labeled “contact”. This box has a first name & phone number, not otherwise visible in the ad itself.

I ran the phone number through Google and discovered this:

Email Marketing Lists – Buy Email Addresses – Response Marketing
Contact Us At: (530) 539-4878. Follow Us. HOME · SERVICES · FEATURES · PRICING · PORTFOLIO … Call for a List (530) 539-4878. Or Fill Out The Form …

So what this ad is doing is looking for email responses to add to a list of emails for sale.

Should this be illegal? Is it not false advertising? Is it in fact illegal and does this shady company deserve to be fined and taken down?

What do you long for?

what do you yearn for?

dance of the media

Maybe because of the lingering effects of the flu, the so called news this holiday season is particularly dis-spiriting. A young girl in Oakland California or thereabouts is brain dead, and her lawyer has the media spotlight upon them as they search for someplace that will keep a corpse hooked up to life support.

My question is not, what do you think of this event, as clearly it is horrfying no matter how you look at it.

My question is, why is it not possible to adjust one’s news settings to hide stories like this? Why isn’t there a button you can push that will block all further updates on this story? I end up blocking the entire news source. Pretty soon, I will receive no news whatsoever.

Life lessons

Are there three maybe you could share?


Have you played with bitstrips?

Would you consider creating a profile (using bitstrips or not) for the main purpose of having fun and exercising your creativity in silly ways?

What do you think?

This article expresses better than I have ever been able the underlying sensibility of Hawaiian thought and culture as practiced today.

How does this sound to you as a basis for living one’s life?

parents expecting twins

First the dad|

and now the mom

what do you think about this?

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