Mahy in al-Qāhirah (Cairo) is doing 30 things including…

Read a part of the Quraan everyday


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Mahy has written 4 entries about this goal

Still sticking with the plan

And it’s going well el7amdolilah. I think I can mark that goal off the list :)


AT the start of the year I have put a plan to read the Quraan several times a year. I’ve decided to read one Hezb everyday, 20 days per month, so I’d read 10 parts a month. So by this, I’d finish it every three months, so 4 times a year.
(Note that I’ve accounted for missing days, I only need to read 10 parts a month).
About Ramadan, usually I read it once through the month, and that makes the year 11 months, not 12. SO again, taking the easier path, I’d only read the Quraan 3 times per year (1 hezb per day, 10 parts per month + one time in Ramadan :)
I’ve started this plan since the year’s start. I’ve finished 2 times al7amdolilah, and Ramadan’s khatma and now in the final one insha2allah. I hope i’d finish it by the end of the year.
Hope u like the plan.

3 days

For the past 3 days, I did it. I read the 1/4 of a “hezb” each day. I know it’s not much. But what matters is that I’m actually reading every day. Thanks God

New year resolution

I want to read a part of the Quraan everyday. It doesn’t have to be long, I can start with only half a “hezb” everyday. I will try to keep that for a month, then I’ll upgrade to a “hezb” for another month isA, then to a part.. This is my hope
anyway, today I read my half


I want to:
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