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grow an herb garden

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It just happened organically

A nice semi-raised bed has come together gradually and very nicely over the last year. I’m so happy to go back there and see new leafy green sprouts or shoots. So far, I’ve got several types of mint, rosemary, sage, nasturtium, Italian parsley, fennel, chamomile, thyme, calendula, green onions. There are also some nice things that wouldn’t be classified as herbs, namely pumpkin, gem squash, cucumbers, rhubarb, lamb’s lettuce, potatoes, and sunflower. That’s all in addition to a good run of rapini, arugula, kohlrabi, snow peas, and cilanto/coriander.

It is extremely satisfying to pick flavorful fresh herbs and greens for cooking, snacking, salad, what-have-you, and to smile proudly for having tended the tasties from seed.

Underway in the garden, but not yet big and strong enough to do much with, I have some cumin, caraway, lovage (Bohnenkraut), ramsons (Bärlauch), dill, broccoli, rapeseed, and sorrel. Some will be ready for winter harvest, and some will have to wait till next year.

How exciting to look ahead! How mouthwatering!

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