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The portrait of a killer (nat geo)

Nat Geo

Incredible Human Machine

Ape to Man

Clearly I’m on a pattern here. Science documentaries ftw!

The Human Family Tree

A Nat-Geo documentary. Very cool how it shows the traces of human ancestry. Really shows that race is an illusion.


Another documentary on HST :)

Dead Man

My class got cancelled so I geared up for another Johnny Depp film! Woot. It wasn’t the best but still pretty interesting.

Benny And Joon

Another Johnny Depp movie off my list. Definitely enjoying my new morning routine of watching something after my gym time :D


Starting to get some of the movies off of my Johnny Depp list done :D

This movie was really fun and silly.

Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride

A portrait of Hunter S. Thompson.

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