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Live 43 adventures with my love

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Fun awaits...

43 Things I would like to try with my fiancee/now husband:

Done 1. Going on vacation to Costa Rica

Done 2. Doing Rafting together in Costa Rica

Done 3. Doing Canopy together in Costa Rica

Done 4. Doing the Tarzan Swing together in Costa Rica

DONE 5. Having a spa day together-
05-11-2011 on a deserted island in DR
10-25-2011 in Puerto Rico
06-00-2013 in Panama, side by side

Done 6. Going to the Thunderbirds Show

Done 7. Going to a concert (Ricardo Arjona)

DONE 8. Sailing together (05/11/11) to Catalina Island

9. Taking salsa lessons TOGETHER

DONE 10. Making love outdoors

Done11. Cruising together

12. Climb the Rainforest together

13. Going to a waterpark together

Done 14. Doing River tubing in Dominica

Done 15. Biking together in a foreign country (St Lucia island)
16. Swimming with Dolphins
17. Parasailing
18. Ziplining.
19. Hot air balloon ride
20. Submarine
DONE 21. Fishing together
DONE 22. Snorkeling together in a foreign country
(05/11/11) in Catalina Island, Dominican Republic.
DONE 23. Taking a ride on an amphibious boat
(05/11/11) started on land then sailed The Chavon River.
DONE 24.Travel to Canada
DONE 25.Exploring a cave together-Cueva Ventana,Arecibo,PR
DONE 26.Getting an exotic massage in a foreign country: Hot Crystal massage in Panama,2013
DONE 27. Going to a hot spring together: Baldi and also Tabacon in Costa Rica,2008 and 2013
DONE 28.Visiting 2 countries in one vacation: 2012 we went to Canada and USA; 2013 Costa Rica and Panama
DONE 29: Crossing a scary bridge overlooking a river in Costa Rica in 2013.
30.Do Internal tourism
DONE 31.Staying in local hotels-Casablanca Hotel in March 2013 and Dorado Hyatt vacation club in August 2013
32.Helicopter ride-together
33.Tubing down the Canales de riego de Isabela
34.Stand-up Padling
2008- Exceeded (1,2,3,4)
2009- Accomplished(6,21)
2010- Accomplished (11,14,15)
2011- Exceeded (5,8,22,23)
2012- Accomplished (24)
2013- Exceeded. (25,26,27,28,29,31)

Try to do 2-3 adventures minimum per year.

20 OUT OF 43 SO FAR….

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