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43 Things I would like to try with my fiancee/now husband:

Done 1. Going on vacation to Costa Rica

Done 2. Doing Rafting together

Done 3. Doing Canopy together

Done 4. Doing the Tarzan Swing together

DONE 5. Having a spa day together-10-25-11

Done 6. Going to the Thunderbirds Show

Done 7. Going to a concert (Ricardo Arjona)

DONE 8. Sailing together (05/11/11) to Catalina Island

9. Taking salsa lessons TOGETHER

DONE 10. Making love outdoors

Done11. Cruising together

12. Climb the Rainforest together

13. Going to a waterpark together

Done 14. Doing River tubing

Done 15. Biking together in a foreign country (St Lucia island)
16. Swimming with Dolphins
17. Parasailing
18. Ziplining.
19. Hot air balloon ride
20. Submarine
DONE 21. Fishing together
DONE 22. Snorkeling together in a foreign country
(05/11/11) in Catalina Island, Dominican Republic.
DONE 23. Taking a ride on an amphibious boat
(05/11/11) started on land then sailed The Chavon River.
DONE 24.Travel to Canada
DONE 25.Exploring a cave together-Cueva Ventana,Arecibo,PR
DONE 26.Getting an exotic massage in a foreign country: Hot Crystal massage in Panama,2013
DONE 27. Going to a hot spring together: Baldi and also Tabacon in Costa Rica,2008 and 2013
DONE 28.Visiting 2 countries in one vacation: 2012 we went to Canada and USA; 2013 Costa Rica and Panama
DONE 29: Crossing a scary bridge overlooking a river in Costa Rica in 2013.
30.Do Internal tourism
DONE 31.Staying in local hotels-Casablanca Hotel in March 2013 and Dorado Hyatt vacation club in August 2013
32.Helicopter ride-together
33.Tubing down the Canales de riego de Isabela
2008- Exceeded (1,2,3,4)
2009- Accomplished(6,21)
2010- Accomplished (11,14,15)
2011- Exceeded (5,8,22,23)
2012- Accomplished (24)
2013- Exceeded. (25,26,27,28,29,31)

Try to do 2-3 adventures minimum per year.

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