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get mesotherapy

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From France to Montreal?

Perhaps! I’ve been waiting with baited breath for weeks for this weekend to arrive as it’s the “Esthétique SPA International” tradeshow.

There will be a speaker from Montreal who’ll discuss Meso-Esthetics. Hey, that’s close enough for me ;-)

I’m a bit short on time the day of her presentation, but I’ll try to see it in its entirety then get her digits for a personal interview and maybe even the contact info for a local mesotherapist.


France is the place...

...for me to get this done since I’ll be there next Spring anyhow for a marathon.

Within the next few weeks, I’ll start making the contacts that I need to start the pre-consultation process.

Quite excited, frankly, as I’d like to try and target a few fatty areas:

—> inner thighs
—> hamstrings
—> triceps

But then again, these areas will likely not be as problematic come April as I’m still in weight loss phase and Fall will be the start of the maintenance phase. I’d still be open to interviews with the mesotherapists.

(Holy cow, I’m listening to CBC and they’re talking about a new injection method for medicines – vaccines like the one for the Avian flu, in particular – and its benefits seeing as there are no needles used but gas. “It’s got multiple applications.” No kidding! Mesotherapy is on its way up, people. Now where to get a transcript? Note to self: No typing and listening to the radio anymore.)

I'm at Pound #30...

Took about nine weeks but I’m halfway to getting mesotherapy done.

I’m so excited even though a local dermatologist considered my interest in getting mesotherapy to be strange.

In a cute French accent he said “Hogwash” (sounded more like “Hugwooosh”). He then proceeded to give me a price list for all the other services he offers in his medical spa. :lol: I will be going back but it’s to make use of the YAG laser to remove hair from my unmentionables (yea, I know… too much information)

I’m hoping that someone in the area that I live will at least start learning mesotherapy sometime soon.

I want it but it's not offered where I live...Story of my life!

Mesotherapy is this really interesting medical approach to treating ailments that – in laymen’s terms – is similar to acupuncture… only with injections of medical solution into your skin.

It was invented in France by a doctor there. While I live in a bilingual country and in its most French of French areas (Quebec), mesotherapy is not offered here.

Wuz up with that? Or as the Quebecois say “hen?”

No rush, I’m currently on a massive journey to lose massive weight (60 pounds). Once I’m down to Pound #50 (currently at Pound #20), I’ll be looking to hook up with a mesotherapist who practices elsewhere in Canada or may even consider the States.

In the meantime, because I’m a research nut and have the ability to string a few words together (at least that’s what my Journalism degree says) I’ve started a site on the issue…


... that documents the mesotherapy procedure from the perspective of an educated consumer.

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