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maltiti has written 10 entries about this goal

Week # 8 of 29: Change of plans

Made up for the long run but had to adjust the runs for the rest of the week. In fact, I didn’t do my last speed run (5 miles at 08:51 per mile pace).

I’m losing it, y’all. I need to get into the running mindset again.

Moving into a new phase in my training/weight loss is likely the culprit as it involves an unexpected and major shift in how I fuel myself to run and generally live my life. Basically, I’m brooding and need to get over it.

Injury: One needs to move to be injured. N/A

What’s Next
  • Shake it off and get back on track with it all
  • Be a champ

Week #7 of 29: Moving inside

Did every run with the exception of the long run. No stretching, strength or anything else for that matter. Just running.

While I did find one 1/2 loop down the street, it really is time to move more of the runs inside as it’s getting chilly.

Injury: N/A

What’s Next
  • Find bigger loops in my area (4-6 km)
  • Maintain stretch, strength and situp/pushup schedule

Week #6 of 29: Pretty good until now...

Runs: 5 out of 5
Stretching: 1 out of 2
Strength train: Once
Pushups/Situps: 5 out of 7 (6, if I do them tonight)
Splits: Twice

Not entirely horrid and all the more impressive since I was sleep deprived this week. But enter this evening where I’ve finally raided the kids’ Hallowe’en loot. Let’s see (Maltiti wades through wrappers)...

2 Fruit roll ups
4 “Funsize” chocolates
2 mini-balls of chocolate

...and that was just the chaser for 6 cups of butter laden air popped popcorn. Oh ya; that 13 km run tomorrow will be fun, indeed!

Injury: Knees
Aid: Schedule visit by month’s end to sports therapist

What’s Next
—> Increase caloric intake to 1700 @ 60-20-20
—> Maintain stretch, strength and situp/pushup schedule
—> Keep pace during outdoor runs
—> Find two outdoor 4-6 km loops in my neighborhood

Week #5 of 29: Un hun...

...four out of five runs, two strength training sessions, and – if I’m being honest with myself – one stretching session, not the 1.5 that I was going to post :-)

My long run this week wasn’t long enough and with a 16K/10 mile run tomorrow (start of Week #6) I’m not sure I have enough of a base to be efficient and effective about it…especially since it’ll be on the treadmill. It must be done, though.

Reduced caloric intake to 1600 with no negative effects. Would rue going much lower than this if only for psychological reasons (read: Me likey the tummy yummies).

Injury: N/A. Nothing important enough to mention.

What’s Next
—> Stretch twice
—> Strength train once or twice AND 20 push ups/100 sit ups daily at home
—> Take supplements more consistently and continue to reduce the total number
—> Work on “negative splits” during at least one outdoor run.

Week #4 of 29: Better but not best...

Did all five scheduled runs but only did two of them as dictated in the plan. Ran my first sub-9:00 pace and imagine doing a marathon at this pace (not for a few years yet) would indeed be a heroic feat.

Didn’t strength train at all which makes me wonder if it would hinder my performance. Alas, my weight loss and body sculpting goals, if they are to be accomplished, need to be focused on now before I really start racking up my mileage in December.

Chocobeans (aka coffee beans covered in dark chocolate)? Put on hold until I can find someone who’s not going to charge $150 for 25 lbs of the stuff. Returned to journaling which also likely helped my runs a bit this week.

—> Hip flexor, left (note to self: icing it quells the pain)

What’s Next
—> Stretch twice
—> Strength train at least twice

Week #3 of 29: Ups and downs...

...from missing a run, to adding on distance to a run, to eating like I was on the run, to a fun run, this week was a bit scattered, err, run wise ;-)

Pulled my hip flexor sometime during Week #2 but am really feeling it this week. Will need to watch that.

Finally got my hands on some Rebar (post-run snack), need to source more chocobeans (pre-run snack) and overall need to stop eating “off the books” and get back to 60-20-20. May rotate biweekly between that and 50-25-25, both at 1700 calories.

—> Hip flexor, left
—> Knee (iliotibial band), right

What’s Next
—> Return to food journaling
—> Stretch twice weekly
—> Do all strength training sessions
—> No more skipping runs. NO MORE.

Week #2 of 29: Whoops, too many goals to track...

...that I forgot I was supposed to be logging here as well as be accountable to my online running buddy.

Did all my required runs as well as strength training but did NOT run the Mont Orford Challenge. Regrettable, but will do it next year.

What’s Next
—> More 10K running

Week #1 of 29: Start now or be forever screwed...

The Paris Marathon is in exactly 29 weeks (as of yesterday).

Sounds like a long time, but since I’ve committed to improving my 10K pace (55 min goal) before training up to the marathon, I’m actually cutting it close and likely risking injury with a mountain race in a few weeks and upcoming mid-winter training runs (knocks on wood…twice)

The plan starts today with a gym session. Running starts tomorrow.

What’s Next:
—> Eat 60-20-20 @ 1700 calories for the duration of 10K speed training
—> Be accountable to my online running buddy, little_terry
—> Print out and fridge post the marathon plan from Week 16 down

Bookmarked and referenced...

...Maltiti, read this entry multiple times starting in October to avoid grief. Yes, grief avoidance is the way to go. No upper respiratory infections for me, no Sir.

Now, if only I could find a way to guarantee that I don’t slip on the ice and break my neck during a training run.

Springtime in Paris...

...I’m training up to a 2007 marathon and Paris looks to be the winner. Like ivegotasquirtgun, the upcoming Big 3-0 is a motivator. I’ll be working on the half-marathon throughout Summer 2006 and have yet to truly figure out how I’m going to train during Canada’s satanic winter for a spring mild weather marathon :-o

A coach may be in order to kick my butt over the winter cuz I know I won’t do it myself.

But first things first: 1/2 marathon.

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