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maltiti in Montreal is doing 22 things including…

stabilize my right knee

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Coming to terms...

...with the fact that I just may have to junk my Paris marathon hopes in order to get my hips and knee sorted.

Rasputina’s stretches do work, but even after getting my brace retrofitted with a “jumper” across the patella, I’m still feeling things.

I’m not sure if it’s phantom pain or not but I do know that my hip flexors sting and my knee has this dull ache.

Furthermore (she says, trying to convince herself yet again), I always promised that my health/fitness goals would not compromise my spending time with the kids.

“Mommy’s getting healthier so that she can spend more time playing with you,” doesn’t cut it when I’m sprawled out on the sofa, rubbing my knee, in need of joint pain reliever and a two hour nap before wanting to interact with the world again.

I’ll mull it over the weekend but I think the focus this winter needs to shift into redoing a 10K plan (one that doesn’t involve hills as the orthotics specialist said the problem lied with hill drills) and managing my lean body mass. The marathon, as long as it’s done before I turn 30 next autumn, can wait.

Holy hip flexors, Batman!

The Certified Athletic Therapist (let’s call her Rasputina as it’s quite appropriate), singled out the issue to my hips and their lack of rotation. I need to work on my “pelvic stability.”

It’s possible to run without a brace apparently if I focus on hips and hamstrings.

Life synched up today for me, I guess, as a message from RealAge brought up the fact that knee pain can be caused by weak hips. I mentioned in passing when we started that I realized hips can be a factor. I didn’t want to overemphasize anything but allow her to do her voodoo.

And how! She went through these hyper-slow movements up and down my leg, making me realize “Whoa, everything really is all connected!” Flip on my tummy, flip to my back, roll on this side and then the other.

End result: a set of five prescribed stretches that I need to do daily No more trying to compensate my gait during activities (i.e. while running) as that will throw me out of alignment even more.

If I get my hips in check, my knee will stop trying to take up the slack. “Just let the stretches do the work. They will if you do it every day,” said Rasputina.

The hilarious thing is that the moves are so small. Anyone looking at me doing these will think I’m farting around taking a break but really they work!

I’m also thinking about going back to gyrotonic. Once a month perhaps? I’ll decide on that in February. It would be a nice treat as a lead up to the Paris Marathon, though.

Hopeful and fed up at the same time: is that possible?

Found a whole whack of lower body exercises that I can do to help with this goal. It’s just a matter of integrating them into a full body program that I can follow for several weeks.

In the interim, my knees feel like they did about 50 lbs ago and it makes running a very painful thing indeed. The pain from yesterday’s run started within two hours and is still with me this morning.

Is it my orthotics? My knee brace? Not having taken supplements for a few days? The need for stabilization? My mind?

All plausible causes but I’ve left a message for the Certified Athletic Therapist that I met with last year and hope that she’ll be able to fill me in on what I need to do.

Whatever it is needs to be done avec vitesse because not running due to laziness is one thing but not being able to run at all is another.

(Update: Oh dear. I won’t be able to see her until next Friday! Time to suck it up and run, girly. Looks over at the Tylenol which will become her best friend for the next few days.)

"Knee stabiliser"

...and other such keyword searches have been done in an attempt to figure out which exercises would benefit my knee.

Romanian Deadlifts, which work the popliteus muscle were mentioned and not much else. I used to do deadlifts and will get back to them.

I remember seeing one exercise a while back that involved standing off to the side of a weight bench, placing your bent knee across the bench pad behind you and doing “one-legged squats” with weights in your hand. Hard core! But a knee stabilizer, that’s for sure. Must find out what that one was called: one-legged squats, perhaps?

Initial Goal: Run 5K without my knee brace...

I’m starting to think that I’m a lazy runner as I always use my brace. Heck, I’ve even started using it for outings when I have my son in the backpack carrier.

The most jarring thing was running the Montreal 1/2 marathon and not seeing a SINGLE person with a brace on. Not even the senior citizens!

Need to work on this but I don’t intend to run Paris in April 2007 without the brace. Let’s be practical.

First goal: Run a 5K without the brace

By Summer 2007, I’d like to run two 10Ks in a 30 day span without the brace AND not suffer with the ramifications of “sucky knee syndrome” like I do now.

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