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marda in Arizona is doing 34 things including…

learn to identify birds

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I recently learned that there are no crows commonly found in Arizona. The large black birds I see are ravens. This week at work I was walking to meet a friend for lunch and I heard the largest racket. It was a loud cawing between two birds in the trees I was passing, and they kept calling back and forth to each other. It was REALLY loud so I had to cross the street and stand under the trees to see what kind of birds made such a noise. They were very large black ravens. The next day they had moved across the street to the building where I work. I heard them walking back from a meeting and again had to look for them. There were two ravens sitting in a palm tree cawing away and they nuzzled close rubbing their beaks. They looked so loving to each other. I read that ravens mate for life. Funny such a loud disruptive cawing noise comes from such intimate birds. lol.

Arizona Birds Slideshow

I found this great slideshow on Arizona Central that features just birds spotted in Arizona. They were really good photos, close up, so they are very helpful in identifying local birds. I was amazed to see photos of some pretty exotic birds that I didn’t think were in our area but I guess we are on a migratory path and also many pet birds from South America have been escaping and populating in the area. I’ve bookmarked this slideshow and will review it from time to time to help me become more familiar with the birds I’m likely to see.


This morning I watched a beautiful little house finch have the best time stuffing peakfuls of fuzzy seeds in its mouth as if it was a feast that was only for him. We have a couple milkweed plants growing outside the window i the room where our computer is located. There is also a table in front of this window where my cats like to sit and watch out to survey the side yard activity. I was typing away at the computer when I was alerted to the finch by the cat chirps of one of my cats who was pretty upset that this finch was eating on our property. It made me smile to hear the chirping cat while the finch just kept jumping from fuzzy bud to fuzzy bud, stuffing as much of the seeds as it could into its beak. The surveying cat was laying as low as it could so the finch wouldn’t see it. Unfortunately my other cat heard the cat chirp noises and wanted to check out the action and jumped boldly onto the window’s ledge, scaring both the surveying cat and finch away. But it was fun to watch while it lasted. I really should pull that milkweeds, though, but I think I’ll wait until all the fuzzy seeds disappear.

Darling Ducks

I had slacked off on this goal for a while so yesterday I spent some time learning about the various kinds of ducks. I was amazed how many there are, and they really do look quite different, besides just coloring. Interesting.


Well I’ve gotten a little lax on tnis goal. I was reading an entry in my bird guide everyday but I haven’t done that for a couple weeks now. But yesterday I saw a beautiful mockingbird on the front lawn trying to crack some sort of large seed or berry. I was backing my car out of the driveway when I saw it and I stopped to watch it. It must have seen me since I wasn’t that far away but it kept concentrating on that thing in its beak. It was so close I could get a good look at its coloring. Mockingbirds are my favorite bird. Their tales are so expressive and they are so fun to listen to. I love watching them try to torment my cats. They are so protective of their young. Well anyhow that bird reminded me that I’ve neglected by goal about identifying birds so I’m resolved to get back to it. Thanks, Mockingbird!

Flying ribbon of birds

Yesterday as I was driving home I saw a swarm of black birds flying in a pattern together, diving into a tree then swarming back out and gliding around the sky in a ribbon like pattern then diving back into the tree, over and over again. I just wanted to park my car right there in the street and watch them and figure out what kind of bird they were. It made me smile. I love watching birds fly like that. It looks like so much fun to glide around with a pack of friends, free with the wind. But I had to drive on so I couldn’t get a good look at what kind of birds they were. They might have been grackles but that is hard to believe since those are such annoying birds. I think they were smaller than that, though. Maybe I’ll see them again on my drive home from work today.

Bird of feather flock together

I love seeing a large formation of birds fly across the sky in a group, or landing together in the same tree or perched on the same telephone line. I often wonder what kind of birds those are. I’m going to try to find out. Just like yesterday I saw a couple of the same kind of birds hoping around together on the ground, kind of playing. I wanted to get close enough to them to see some identifying marks to try to see what kind of bird they were but they flew away before I could do that. It’s a bit tricky identifying birds. I’m going to have to get out my binoculars, but with contacts it’s hard to see through them. This will be a challenge!! Ha, ha.

Step one on my birdwatching skills.

Yesterday I bought A Field Guide to the Birds of North America. I intend to read about one bird each day. If I have the time, I’ll do additional research on that bird on the Internet as well, maybe doing that on the weekend for the five birds I’ve learned about during the weekdays. The Loon was my first bird. This goal will also support my goal of learning something new every month and becoming more interesting (I hope). I’m excited about doing something concrete to support my goals. This should be a good, productive year.

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