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Lucid Dreaming

This next meeting of the metaphysical discussion group will be on Lucid dreaming. Since I chose the subject they suggested that I “lead” the discussion. I just finished posting a very informal write-up and list of topics for the meeting.

It seems like all those little seeds I’ve planting for my goal to be more social are sprouting all over the place!! I wonder if this time next year I’ll have a goal of limiting my social activities! :) is an excellent place to go in search of like-minded individuals. I’m currently a member of two groups:

The Dade/Broward Metaphysics Group!

The Kendall Single Parents Meetup Group!

Movie Goers Discussion Group

Tonight is the January meeting of my movie goers discussion group. I’m hosting this month with a friend, and I have chosen the movie “Brazil” to discuss. I found it difficult to attend these meetings at first, but once I got to know everyone I love it! updated The meeting was great! The discussion was interesting and it appeared that everyone had a good time. The date of the next meeting was set, and a few of the people are coming over to my daughter’s play tomorrow afternoon. fantastic!


I received an invitation to a bookcrossing meet next Monday at the local Barnes and Noble. I’m going! It’s a place I’m familiar with even if I won’t know anyone. Wish me luck! :)


Being a computer nerd, I find myself much more comfortable sitting in front of a computer in a small cold room then talking to real human beings. So my very first goal is to be more social. I started working on this goal in August of this year. I joined quite a few groups on and attended a few meets. Some experiences were good, some were not. I finally narrowed it down to two groups (Metaphysical and Single Parents); so far so good! I’ve met some interesting people and made a friend or two. I feel like this isn’t enough and want to do more, but I can’t think of what else to do!

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