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markov has written 7 entries about this goal

Suppose you had a cunning plan

to use towels as ground cloths while removing some wallpaper (the towels soak up the water so the hardwood floors remain undamaged). Now you have three towels with thousands of tiny pieces of wallpaper stuck to them, and the plan is looking less cunning. How would you clean the towels?

Last wall

in the living room is now wallpaper free. I now need to prep the walls for painting.

There is a section of wall which consists of a bunch of rustic looking doors (made the from same paneling I have been removing elsewhere). The doors open to the back of the sink and dishwasher – I like the concept, but not the execution. It is going to be a big deal to put something nice there.

This is just part of the wood

I have taken out. I removed the nails from these boards today, there is still another pile or thin paneling with nails to deal with.

Two walls done

and one to go. I have two more rooms with wood paneling, and one with wallpaper, but I’m going to see if I can finish with this room before touching any others.

I’m feeling a little less antagonistic about wallpaperers now.

Secret message

from my tormentor.

A pox on anybody

who has ever installed wallpaper. An extra pox for each additional layer of wallpaper.

In the time it took to defeat Gamera

I depopulated a full-wall sized bookshelf, and removed the shelves. All sorts of wood trim come out now (that is what the crowbar is for) and then the wallpaper must go.

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