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After almost two years...

i’m finally able to take up the courage to gather the notes i made while granma was still alive. i have a tendency of writing each sentence the way it comes out of the narrator’s mouth. So it won’t be easy to look back on granma’s words while creating the family tree. anyway, she’d love a good and orderly family tree so this is for the most part, for her…the one who never let herself be an old lady even when she was 91…
sometimes i wonder if the adjective “miserable” actually comes from the verb “miss”...

i've lost her..

Three days ago.. Just like that… she’s gone..

God this is frustrating..

My grandmother, who is the eldest of the family at the age of 91, and my primary resource is changing her mind about everything everyday and I am not even sure of the very basics of our family tree.. I don’t know how to decide which piece of information is right.. I never thought creating my family tree could be this time consuming.. Yet I love the way she tells things even if most of them are just her imagination and this goal, although unfinished, is becoming something to look for to everyday for both of us : )

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