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read all the books I haven't read that are sitting on my bookshelf


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still going..

I’m marking this goal as completed because I’m doing this anyway in my other goal to “Read 25 Books in 2010.” I get confused when I have to record in 2 places, so I’m turning it into one. I have read a lot of books from my shelf thanks to this goal and I know I will continue to read more. The only problem that I had with this goal is that some of the books on my shelf I do not have the patience to read because I am not interested in them. My 25 Books goal is more lenient and I don’t feel I have to waste time on something that is no fun.

9: Trail Maker

9: Trail Maker: The Story of David Livingstone, Robert O. Latham

Book 8

8: The Bell, The Clapper, and the Cord: Wit and Witticism, National Federation of the Blind


7: In Her Father’s Footsteps, Bianca Bradbury

I started on Memoirs of a Geisha, but it may be a while before I finish it because school just started and I also want to start reading the rest of the Twilight series.


5: Lady in Waiting: Developing Your Love Relationships, Jackie Kendall and Debbie Jones

Next I’m hoping this will be my first bookcrossing book to release!


I’ve already started on this goal earlier in the year so I wanted to post the books that I have successfully read…

1: Lavender-Green Magic, Andre Norton

2: The Genius of Willie MacMichael, George MacDonald

3. The Alchemist

4: The Lazy Woman’s Guide to Just About Everything

I have a long way to go so here goes!


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