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watch my unwatched dvds

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I'm going to finish this one off.

I’d like to watch more of my unwatched DVDs, but I don’t know when I’m going to sit down with the pile. I watch a lot of movies on my Tivo, and I rarely buy new ones. Instead, I’m going to morph this goal. I need to watch every new DVD I bring into the house within a fortnight, including my monthly magazine DVDs. I don’t need to see the older ones, but I would like to keep up with the ones that keep coming in the front door.

I need to sharpen this goal, not worry about the pile I have going.


Still not doing a good job of this. I may switch it to “keep up with the DVD magazines I get”... I feel like I’m never going to get through the pile, and I have a lot of things that I’d rather watch.


I’ve let all those DVD magazines I get pile up… I just don’t watch DVDs now that I have Tivo. I downgraded my NetFlix service [They haven’t sent me anything new since March!], but I need to work through the pile I have. I think my goal should be to watch the ones that come through the door within a week of getting them. I watch movies all the time - I saw four on Saturday - but it’s harder to keep up with my DVDs, mostly since they’re “work” and not play.


I’m good with my NetFlix videos, but I subscribe to two DVD magazines, and they just pile up. They’re only about an hour long, but I need to set aside time to watch them. Just having this on my long-term to-do list will help…

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