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Knit something for my friend's baby

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Mary Hawkins has written 8 entries about this goal


I finished sewing the buttons on those booties on Wednesday night and wrapped them up yesterday morning. I meant to post a picture of them when they were done, but… they’re wrapped!

While I'm thinking about it...

Here’s that hat with ears… I hope I guessed futurebaby’s head circumference properly ‘cause I totally want pictures of this on her!

Nearly there!

Today’s a sick day for me, so I stayed inside and finished off my friend’s prezzies. I sewed up the last seams of the sweater, added buttons and some bias tape to reinforce the sides. I also added kitty ears and ear warmers to her baby hat. The only thing I have left is her booties. I bought two buttons for it, forgetting that I needed four. One bootie is done-done, and I’ll just have to get more buttons.

Right now the hat and sweater are soaking in my sink!

Almost there...

I’ve finished off the second front and the collar and sewn up about half of the seams. It looks like a sweater! The rest is just pinned with a few safety pins so I could get the collar done. I think I’ll sew it together at my SnB on Tuesday. I need to buy some buttons for the cardigan and booties, maybe after work on Tuesday…

I also want to make them a stripey hat, but I think I’ll finish off the charity hat on my needles before I start in on that. I have some time, and I will have two projects finished for the shower.

Sleeves done!

I wanted to have a creative Wednesday night á la RuthG, but I needed a break after work and decided to just knit for a few hours in silence instead. It was good to just sit with my thoughts and I actually finished the other sleeve to my baby sweater! This morning I work up early and couldn’t get back to sleep [thanks Calamity!], so I gave in and worked on the first front part of the cardigan. Now that I’m used to the speed of these smaller needles, I feel more like I’m making headway and I’m less worried about getting everything done on time…

Here’s a picture of it in progress!

Going, going...

I finished the back today and started on the first sleeve. The back totally looks like the sleeve on an adult’s raglan. I’m really happy with it and hope I keep making good progress…


Today I did the math for my baby sweater and cast on. I knit up four inches on the back, which is actually a good way through to the armscye. I figure I need to finish off at one piece [back, both fronts, both sleeves] each week to be on schedule. It’s not tough, but I just haven’t hunkered down on it. The math is always the hard part so I’m glad I’m through it, although I’m not enjoying my size one needles—tiny!


I have the yarn and pattern, and I’ve even swatched, but I’ve yet to start the baby sweater I’ve picked out for my friend’s futurebaby. The shower is on March 1st, so I have a while to go… Still, I should get started!

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