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One... last... afghan...

I’m nearly, nearly done with the last afghan I’m going to send out to Afghans for Afghans this spring. I bought more yarn yesterday and then promptly ran out again, so I need to go pick some more up. I’m pretty proud of myself, stash-wise. I had a big influx this winter, between a few people [including our own lovely JKD!] giving me their old yarn and my own trip to the Smiley’s Yarn Riot. I even had to buy a new box for it all. Since then I’ve finished off three blankets and a few smaller items. I’ve emptied out a whole box and also made a lot of space in my main boxes. It’s been good progress.

My current plan is to use up all of the yarn in a specific box by making hats and then ship them off. When I’m done, I’ll have a new empty box to keep finished/unshipped objects, which currently just hang out in my closet in an unorganized pile. [I’m not a big fan of unorganized piles, especially since my closet is so dark.] On May 11th, the USPS will raise their prices, so I’m planning on doing a big post office run the weekend before and I’d love to get as many things out as possible. I’ll have the hats and other small things, and I also have two blankets that are too big for a4A’s guidelines. I just contacted Warm Woolies about giving them to them, but if that doesn’t work out, I’ll need to find them a home. I held on to that Project Linus blanket for far too long. These do me no good sitting in my closet.

More Afghans for Afghans!

I just looked and Afghans for Afghans is doing another shipment once winter breaks. They want blankets [although the two I have finished are too big for the current campaign] and baby things, including hats and socks. They have a rolling deadline and will take things as they come. I like having a goal!

Finished, sorta...

I finished seaming and steaming the second afghan last night. I took the blocks I usually make and turned them sideways, so I have these cool looking diamonds, but my boyfriend asked if I was “just going to leave it that way”. I agreed with him and have decided to make some triangles to fill in the edging a bit. They’re just plain black, but they’ll make the blanket bigger and warmer.

I pulled out some yarn for the next project last night. It’s some pretty yarn that a Ravelry friend bought in Turkey and couldn’t figure out what to make. I’ve started a log cabin quilt pattern with it. I don’t know how big it’s going to get, but I’ll just keep going until I run out, as usual.

Movie marathon!

I watched 5 movies today and finished off the first of those two afghans. I still need to steam block it. I still want to work on the other tomorrow, but I don’t think I’ll sit there all day and do it. I’m tired of sewing things up and sitting on my couch, frankly. It’s pretty cold out and I was grumbling all the way back from the grocery store when I went out today, but I think I may cap myself at three movies tomorrow and try to do chores around the house or something.

My current goals on this one...

I have two afghans going. One just needs the edging sewn on and some ironing, and I plan on getting it finished off today. The other has a few squares that are hanging out in my bathroom sink that I need to block and dry. I need to lay that one out and start sewing it together. My plan is to get both of them done before “school starts again”—before I have to go back to work. I don’t know when they’ll call me again, but I know I at least have the weekend to goof off and get these done.

After I finish them off, I want to start two new afghans. One will be for a4A in more of my worsted wool and the other will be a cotton baby blanket for the hospital up the road. I bought a book of crochet squares, just to mix things up, and I’d like to find a few things to make in there that I can piece together into a baby blanket. If I get bored of it, I can always make knitted shapes to fill in around them. For a4A, I want to make another mitered square blanket. I’ve accumulated quite a bit of wool lately in blues and greens and black, so I’d like to make something that’s really graphic. I’d like to piece things together so that it makes a zig zag, just to switch things up, but we’ll see what happens when I get there. I figure these two projects will get me through the spring, honestly. I also have a bunch of hats planned out that can go at any time. Rumor has it that there will be a new campaign in March, so I plan on working on the slower, bigger, more time intensive things before then. I have a good bit of this bulky orange crap that I bought on sale that will be perfect for whipping up a bunch of bulky orange warm objects. I think it’s better to save it for that and knit through the worsted weight stuff right now.

Working, working...

This week I sewed together a bunch of the squares in my next afghan. I still have strips to make that go in between the big squares, but a good chunk of the work is done! It’s all laid out on my floor right now, like an odd looking rug… I’m hoping I can get a good chunk of it done before I go off on vacation.


I still have totally too much yarn. I went to a sale, a few friends moved and gave me things… you know how it goes. I even bought a new box to hold more of it. All of these are sure signs of the coming apocalypse, the one where all the string in the house breaks loose and wrecks havoc, like that messy camper scene in the original “The Parent Trap”.

Anyway, I’m working on square #64 of my current set of afghans. Once I hit 72, I’ll start piecing them together and also make the borders and edging to bring them up to a good size. I’m really glad that I’ve been blocking these things as I go. The piles are stacked really high in my bin.

Three down, three to go...

I’ve made three hats in the last few days and have cast on for one more today. We have some train time tomorrow, so I’m thinking I’ll get at least one more in between then and the 15th. My unofficial goal was to get six hats made. I have two chemo caps on hand that could go to this other charity, so with the three I’ve finished off and the one I just cast on, I’m up to six already. I’d like to make new hats for them and eventually send the chemo caps to a cancer charity, but for now, if something horrible comes up [knock on wood] I’ve made my goal. I don’t plan on knitting a big, big stack of hats for them the way I did earlier in the year, but I’d like to squeeze off a few of them before I get back to my never ending pile of afghan squares.

As I was looking through my yarn I realised that I have a lot of odd odd balls. I mean, yes, they’re called odd balls ‘cause they don’t fit in with the rest of them, but now that I have everyone’s odd balls from my yarn swap, the chances that I’ll have things that really don’t fit together have increased rather than decreased. The colors and thicknesses and fibers are all over the place, where when I was just knitting with my extras, I mostly knit with the same handful of yarns and had similar things in my pile. I’m just going to barrel through the obvious ones, but I have a stack going of odd things that I should eventually match to other yarn. I think this is the sort of thing that I worry about in March, frankly, but each time I look through that particular box I wonder about it a bit…

Where am I on this one?

Yesterday, before the relatives arrived, I put together baggies of odd balls yarn for future charity hats and I actually finished a hat while we watched movies at my house. A second is pretty close to done too. The charity I knit for needs many many more hats, so I think between now and the 15th, I’m going to focus my knitting on making hats for them. I have other crap that needs to get done, but it takes me no effort to cast on and knit a hat once I have the yarn separated out and ready to go. I also checked in on my afghan project and I’m up to 50 blocked and washed squares!

My yarn storage area has really exploded between buying yarn for the afghan and getting free yarn after the yarn swap. It’s hard to find things in my closet and move around. I’m looking forward to consolidating the yarn and moving some of it out of there. We need more storage anyway, but in the meantime, the only thing I can do is have less stuff.


I know that I have a bunch of holiday gifts coming up and I’ve started planning them. I need to wash and block and generally finish off and pack up my mom’s gloves and my bf’s hat. I have the yarn for my dad’s hat already and just need to figure out a good pattern, and then my sister has asked for a slouchy beret, so she and I found a pattern and I’m waiting to hear back from her about what type of color she’d like. She said that she felt weird asking for a specific thing, but I love it when my relatives get involved. I’d rather make her something that she’ll use all the time and love to death than make something that I think is awesome but she never uses.

I’m also making another mitered squares afghan for a4A. I have a box of wool for this particular project and I’m about 20 squares in. I got a bunch of yarn at the yarn swap, but I don’t quite know what I have, so I plan on spending some time this weekend going through things and adding them all into Ravelry. I also want to block the squares I’ve finished off. I know that it’s going to take a while for me to finish off enough squares, but I want to get a head start on them. I don’t want to be blocking all 64 of the suckers at once. It’s bad enough when my house kinda smells like wet wool, I don’t need to have the neighbors asking about my sheep grooming business…

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