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learn the constellations

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the bright stars and the constellations they are in. Arcturus (bootees). Antares (Scorpius). And also learned Corvus.

Not a constellation

But I did get the moon between two trees at sunrise on a recent trip to the Sequoia National Monument.

Summer Triangle

Three stars (Vega, Deneb, and Altair) and hence 3 constellations. Lyra (the Lyre), Cygnus (The Swan) and Aquila (The Eagle). These are my next three.


The Rabbit, right under Orion and in front of Canis Major. Very dim here in town. But I can see it OK out in the boonies.

Canis Major.

Since I can find Orion without a problem, I’m adding Canis Major next. Since the Dog is following on Orion’s heels (and I can find Sirius) it should be an easy one. I should probably add learning the names of the main Orion stars to this too.

More geography

Of course it’s easier on a map than in the sky. But I want to know the neighbourhood I live in. I’m just expanding the definition.

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