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i bought a recorder. My nephew is playing the recorder in his 5th grade music class, and I have a friend who plays recorder in a recorder group(? 15-20 people who get together once a month and play renaissance recorder music).
The recorder in someways is fairly easy to learn, but is also more difficult that I thought it would be, I find its difficult to get many of the notes to sound right, either I’m not covering the holes correctly, or not using the correct breathing.

Which one?

Not sure which instrument I would like to play? Definitely NOT a piano, I’ve lived with people who owned piano’s and we had to move several times and I vowed I’ll NEVER move another piano OR ever own one.
A guitar or fiddle might be good, although (and this maybe be a problem with learning to play an instrument) I have trouble distinguishing notes which makes it difficult to tune a guitar. I actually bought an Irish whistle and an instruction book, but haven’t done much with it.
Another instrument that might be fun is an accordian or concertina, I don’t think you have to tune them do you?

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