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be the best person i can be

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Daily reminder

11 months ago I posted this. 5 months ago I stopped trying. 5 days ago, I became aware of the consequences.

Why does it seem so hard to maintain all the things it takes to be good, all the time?

In any case, I’m back on the horse.

you know it when you see it

Here’s how I will know that I’m being the best person I can be:

1. I am confident that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing most of the time.

2. I treat other people the way I want to be treated, even when I am really stressed out and feeling particularly selfish.

3. I feel a greater sense of purpose about my daily life.

4. I feel confident in my choices, in friends, in how I spend my money, in what I choose to do for work, etc.

5. I work at maintaining and deepening the relationships I have with people, for their benefit and mine.

6. I feel good about my intellect, my appearance and my daily activities.

How will I know?

I think that maybe this deserves some more consideration. Where am I starting from, how far do I want to go, and what is a realistic timeframe? Should I detail all the things about me that I don’t like, that need improvement? Should I document when I do things that contradict the idea of a better person? Am I being too perfectionist about the entire concept of a “better person”? Should I focus on behaviors or thoughts, or both, and in which order? Should my evaluation measures be internal assessments, or outcome-based?

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