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I average about four hours of sleep at night. Not good at all. I don’t feel horrible usually but I know my body is taking a beating. I sleep well maybe one night a week if I’m lucky. If I have to work the next day, I’m stressed about what I need to get done. If I have the day off, I’m usually out late or finishing whatever I can’t do when I’m working. This has been an on-going problem. This may be something I need to talk to a doctor about.


The last two nights I have gone to bed a lot earlier than I usually do. But the actual falling asleep part was pretty much the same. The first night my dog kept kicking me and I just couldn’t get comfortable. The next night my dog slept in the living room but I still couldn’t manage to relax. When it’s calm and quiet all my brain wants to do is think. Every night I go to bed thinking about bills, relationships, and million other problems. I have to learn to shut my brain off.

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