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Joyfully & Easily Take Control of My Health, Lose Body Fat For Good - End the Yoyoing

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I’m not going back to my hard core, intense, drastic ways of losing weight. Though I am not losing and just maintaining right now, it’s because I am unwilling to do what I deem as crazy things – like cut out all grains & starches, or go gluten free, or refined sugar free, or vegan, or really cut anything out.

Rather, my approach now is just more moderate. I can eat anything and I mean ANYTHING I want, but just not over eat, binge, or stuff myself. I’ve really been at this weight range for over 3 months.

I still eat junk, but not all the time, and when I do, it’s not a lot.

I may only lose 5-10 lbs a year for the next 2-3 years, but that will be enough. Just very little changes here and there.

My sleep habits are good, which is a HUGE thing. I do overall drink water, but I do also drink Coke.

I think having freedom is to be able to eat what you want, but in moderation. My husband can drink Coke way more than me, but so what? I can drink it, too, just in very small quantities and it works for me.

So, I guess though I want to be down another 25 lbs to get my flat abs, it may never happen and that would be alright. My husband loves the way I look and feel, and my ideal goal he doesn’t like. I am getting healthier.

So, I am going to mark this goal as complete as I’ve ended the yoyoing by no longer being extreme and expecting extreme from myself. This not only applies in the eating, but especially in exercising. All I really ever do is walk some, that’s it.

Yes, I can do the hardcore workouts, but I really don’t want to in my situation right now, and perhaps not doing them is ending my yoyoing with the weight? I think so.

Need To

I have been working so much that my body feels the great need to exercise. Still haven’t done it. Uggh. My weight is maintaining and I’m eating whatever I want. I’m sure if I cut out the Cokes and carbs, the weight would come off.

I’m still around the low weight of what I was last year, so that is great. But, I really need to be down 10-15 lbs by the end of July.

I don’t snack and really only eat 3 meals a day, which is good. Mine is really more portion control, more than anything else. I’m attempting to drink more water, but sometimes I just forget.

So, my weight really isn’t yoyoing much.

Gotta figure out how to get exercise into my schedule and just do it.


I really haven’t done a lot of exercise in the past months, except hiking and walking. I’d like to get back to some other stuff like workouts at home. I subscribe to Dr. Kareem’s stuff and this is a workout plan he sent via the email that I thought I might share, as it looks interesting (and I’m putting it here just to bookmark it for myself) – Workouts By Dr. K. If you click on the exercise, a video should pop up to show you how to do it.

Maybe a goal I will have to do this workout next week?


I have this on Pinterest of a foot. If you’ll take a golf ball, place it in a sock, put it on the floor and put your foot on it, applying pressure from your foot to the ball, find where it hurts (if there are any spots), then look up on the chart to see which area of your body it corresponds to.

I did this and it turned out to be my neck area, shoulder, lung, larnyx, which are really all the areas that really don’t feel good on my right now. Ugggh.

Going to do this for the next 1/2 hr or so more, drink some water and hopefully I’ll feel much better before we have to go to church.


I don’t feel too great today. My throat feels a little sore, my left foot hurting and my upper back hurting. I’ve been doing more subcontracting work and maybe my posture is bad when I do this. I don’t know.

Been feeling physically pretty good for quite some time. I teach Sunday School today and hope to be okay. I’m showered and dressed. Using a baseball sized ball on my upper back and a golf ball on my left foot.

Need to drink water. My throat feels congested, too. Yesterday I drank lemonade and I should not have. It could be from that? Sometimes I have issues drinking lemonade and not sure why, because I love lemons. Ugggh.


I’ve been wanting to go to Red Robin because they make yummy burgers, even over Fuddruckers, but they don’t have the coupons as Fudds does and they are more expensive.

But, with landing a subcontracting job, getting some of the screen stuff done, get extra unexpected money, and pretty much having a challenging week, we splurged. This was our most expensive to date as a family.

We got 2 burgers, a kid’s meal, a soup (daughter didn’t want to eat), a soda, 2 expensive non-alcoholic drinks, and water. That turned out to be about $42, which our meals as a family are usually under $15, but no more than $25, so that was huge for us.

The server asked us each if we wanted free sundaes. My husband and I were stuffed, and we didn’t want to THAT much. I felt I would puke if I ate more. The kids each got a sundae on the house. So cool. We loved our server, Chris! He works 6 nights a week and on Tues/Thurs day.

I was such a pig and their bottomless steak fries were awesome. I got their Strawberry Lemonade, which was so good and Chris allowed me to switch between this drink and the Very Berry Limeade. Ohhh, so good. I must’ve had 5 of these, some of my husband’s Coke, and my son’s rootbeer float. All these were free refills.

Because I drank so much, and ate some fries, I really wasn’t hungry and maybe ate about 1/3 of my Whiskey BBQ Burger. My husband ate his whole Prime Burger and lots of fries. He didn’t like me.

Today my weight was further down by 0.4 lb and I am less than a pound to hitting my next goal and in a pound, I will be in the next 10 lb range. Woohoo!

So, we have a plan – next time my husband and I will split a burger, and since bottomless fries and free drink refills, we can eat to our hearts’ content for less. So, it will be less than $20 including tip. We gave Chris about 25% tip so our bill came to be $52.

I’m ecstatic to have made a pig of myself and not gained but lost weight. My husband noted that I actually didn’t eat much and I really drank most of my meal. I don’t care. I enjoyed every sip and bite!!!

His weight is up, so next time he said he’ll drink more. But, between him and me, I’m the drinkaholic. LOL.

More Down

Eventually I will share what my weight is, but it’s down again and now below the low of last year by 0.8 lb. I know that’s not a lot, but I will take even an ounce! I can feel that I’m going to break below this 10 lb range down to the next 10 lb range soon.

I did have some sugar in my water in the Green Tea I was drinking, but not a lot when my husband and I went on a lunch date. I mixed the Green Tea with unsweetened tea, so I figure that was a compromise. Tea always runs right through me and I found having to go to the bathroom often necessary.

Been eating more salads this week, reducing starchy carb intake (not elimination), drinking more water, and reducing my food intake has contributed to me dropping nearly 5 lbs (I think) since last week. Praise God! I was beginning to think I was stuck in that range, rather it was just me eating more food. So easy to do.

Both my husband and I have been reducing what we eat in portion size. The kids are reducing a little, too and we are seeing a difference with them, also. Less rounded tummies and bloating.


I’ve been focusing on drinking more water instead of sugared water. That stuff is addictive. I feel better, though, it’s starting to get warm. My body needs the water.

Haven’t been good with taking my blood sugar, which I haven’t in probably 3-4 weeks. Not good. I haven’t been taking my BPs daily, but a few times a week.

Feeling alright.

Been slacking on the exercise and really haven’t done anything here. I need to.

However, though I was hungry today throughout, I resisted the urge to snack and eat more. I know it will pay off. Reducing portions is necessary as well as not eat too much starch.

Back Down

I am almost back down again to my low of last year. After that, I still have 25 lbs to go to get to my goal. I have tapered down drinking non-water things like Coke & PowerAid. Not buying anymore PowerAid unless we go on a hike or something like that.

Been drinking more water.

Eating fewer starches at night and overall helps.

Eating more salads.

Eating less overall food.

So, my weight is 3-4 lbs less than a few days ago. Yippee! My clothes feel looser.

Praise God!


I’ve had diarrhea 4x today. Something is disagreeing with my stomach and I don’t know what it is. Last night I had the curried pork. This morning I had eggs for breakfast. Maybe I’m not getting enough water as I haven’t had much to drink.

On the bright side, I feel a whole lot lighter. :)

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