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So Slight

I have been attempting to use my intuition to help me when I am doing sudokus. Sometimes I listen and sometimes I do not. It´s a very slight and hardly noticeable thing. I wish I was better at doing this.


Today I saw something on Craig’s List, a ceramic cookware set (new) for way inexpensive. I totally jumped on it and through an exchange of emails, the guy wanted to meet at a location I was not familiar with, nor did I want to go there – it was at a casino.

My gut told me not to go there. In the past, I would ignore my gut instinct and do it anyway, but I did not here. Instead, I suggested a place just a few miles from that location that was very busy and a place I was familiar with.

The guy was unwilling to drive that extra few miles, which would really be the midway point for us, as we lived about 50-60 miles apart. I told him if he wanted to meet at a place closer to him, then I’d have to wait for my BF (GV will be here next Monday) and it would have to be Tues.

He said he’d have the cookware sold by then. I said, “Ok”, but I was unwilling to be pressured to meet at a location I was not comfortable with. I told GV about him wanting to meet at the casino and I was not comfortable with it.

GV said he didn’t want me to go at all until he could go with me. It was such a great deal (not too good to be true, but a really great deal). The cookware goes for about $150 on Amazon and the guy was selling the set for new for $60 cash. I happen to have $60 cash in my purse right now.

This was exactly the cookware set I wanted, as I have it saved in my Amazon favorites and was just waiting for God to provide it to me somehow. However, GV was not happy I was still wanting to go get it if the guy was willing to meet me at the location I chose.

Anyway, I passed on the cookware for 2 reasons: 1) GV didn’t want for me to go and implied that we can get it some other time. 2) My personal safety is worth far more.

I know GV loves me and he would not want anything to happen to me for the $90 that I’m saving. So, I’ve passed it up. And, I’m asking God for that cookware set again, but at an even better price than the $60, as well as a nice dutch oven and a cast iron skillet.

Glad I’m going to trust GV and God in this.


I’ve used 43T and my personal blog to vent when I’m upset at people. I so wanted to vent about my ex regarding the cost to send the kids to school, and considering they are going to a new school, and that in the prior 5 yrs, he’s hardly contributed anything to this.

He had only given $35 towards this and school starts next Friday. I so wanted to go off on this, but God was supplying. My sister today asked if we needed any help and I responded with that I thought we should be okay this year, despite all the costs we have.

My ex said that he was sending something in and it was a large amount. I felt the inclination to say some things and be sarcastic, but I didn’t or even mutter under my breath. Every day I’ve been praying for my ex, as well as a host of other people.

I’ve just been putting it before God and asked Him to help me not to bad-mouth my ex. So, I’ve resisted, with God’s help, to not be MORE negative about him. Today he said I should get the amount on Wednesday. School starts on Friday.

But, the reality is, we probably won’t get the amount until Friday, which is when school starts. I could go and complain about this, but will resist the urge. The amount he told me is a pretty big and shocking amount, especially considering it’s him.

So, I praise God for helping keep my fingers from typing really bad stuff, my feelings towards him, and just laying it before his feet. I honestly want my ex to be a decent person, to rise up to be the dad God has called him to be. What good does it do that the kids grow up to disown their own biological dad?

Anyway, I feel at the moment due to my emotions to vent about my dad who said a bunch of things in anger that upset me. But, I’m not. I’m going to lay before my Heavenly Father (God), my earthly dad and my financial situation.

Lord, bless my ex (the kids’ dad) and my dad.


Today I felt like I wasn’t supposed to trade very much, which I didn’t. The market just didn’t move much and I was only able to take 7.5 points off in 1.75 hrs. So, I’m glad I listened. It was much harder trading today than last Friday.

Noticing - Men

I’ve been doing a lot of noticing lately-who is coming in and out of my life, what is showing up?

I believe, one of the many things, is that what shows up in our lives is often a reflection of what is going on on the inside.

There haven’t been many new men that show up, though, there are men showing up. They just pop in and out, and so it’s not a big deal.

Last week, someone had commented on a couple of pictures I have online that I was pretty. My first inclination was that it was one of my best friends got a new ID, or it was someone that used to stalk me on the internet. It turns out it was neither of those cases.

The pictures that he said I looked pretty in were not pictures that I was looking my best, and I knew these 2 other men that no matter what I looked like, they would think I was pretty. Turns out, there is a 3rd man. Well, there are actually more than that I know, but . . . now, this is a new person.

He seems really interested in me and he has a lot of good qualities. In fact, he’s nice and tall at 6’3”. He’s a trader, and in an area that I have traded in, so we speak the similar lingo. We got to exchange emails back and forth. He is articulate, has good spelling and grammar (very good traits).

He’s taken a fascination to me, but I don’t know if it’s temporary . . . like a few days or what. Time will tell. I’m in no hurry. He doesn’t share a faith in Jesus Christ, so, at best, this can only be friendship for me.

He’s just a smidgeon older than me, but never married. He seems to be afraid of intimacy, though, his parents were married for nearly 50 yrs before his dad died a few years ago. He’s had a good and close relationship with each of his parents, so that is good. He’s close to his 3 siblings. Having good family relationships is important.

Having been married twice and also divorced that many times, with kids, I really am in no hurry to get hung up over any man. The more charming and aggressive he is, the more I back off.

This guy seems to say he really is interested in me, which sorta puts me on guard. I don’t get a huge red flag with him, but I am curious and time will tell. Yes, he does meet quite a few things on “my list for Mr. Right”, but definitely not the #1 thing, which I MUST have.

Right now, I’m using him as a gauge as to what I need to work on in my life, or allow God to work on in me. So, I’m waiting to see what all those things are. This man is pretty opened with me, but he feels he has commitment and intimacy issues, so, I’m wondering if I have those issues, too, and don’t realize it.

Other than that, it seems like I’m getting a lot of really nice people coming into my life. Maybe God’s saying that I have too many surface level friends?


A few weeks ago I began praying if God wanted me to go to an evening small group at my church and the only day that I could do it was Wednesday. It turns out this semester there are at least 3 small groups that meet on Wednesday and I totally love the leaders of each of the small groups.

My heart was leaning towards one group, but I felt it best to just wait and listen to the Lord on where he wanted me. Because, I knew that when you are where God wants you, that’s the best place, rather than where you want that is not what God wants.

Sometimes God shouts at me, like with the men I’ve chosen in my life, but I ignored those times and this is where I am now. Won’t go into that gory mess as those reading my entries already know.

Other times, You have to be still and just listen so carefully because He only says it once and it’s super soft, like barely a whisper. That is the case here. I asked God if He wanted me in a small group on Wednesday in our church. I felt like He was saying “Yes”.

I don’t really like being super busy in the evenings these days and I really just like that time to not feel rushed with my kids, especially to do homework and school projects, as well as spend our family time together.

Our Tuesday night is filled with my son participating in a children’s church thing that he loves to do while my daughter and do a single mom’s ministry at the same time. The Wedneday night small group would make it 3 small groups in a 2-day period week-after-week for 4 months.

I no longer strive to be super mommy and have my kids & I do 50 million different things so we can brag about it. It’s just too crazy.

Since I felt God was saying “yes” to a Wednesday small group, I then asked, “Which one?” All I heard was one word. So, I said “Okay.”

Yesterday I almost didn’t go to small group because I was tired and didn’t want to make the drive, but the gas was budgeted in our weekly trips of things to do and it’s the only thing that I must get a sitter for my kids. I personally hate doing his and really just love that time with my kids, but since we live with my dad, it makes it really convenient.

Next year, my daughter will be 12-yrs old and the kids should then be able to stay home by themselves, if need me, for short periods of time.

I found the shortest route to get there, which was cut down by almost 2 miles from what Yahoo Maps said, and a less confusing route. As I sat and listened to each person talk about how they came to know Jesus as their Savior or if that hasn’t occured yet, where were they with Jesus.

There were 13 of us and the testimonies, some of them, almost had me in tears. I can’t divulge what we talked about specifically, but most of the people earlier in their lives or even currently were addicted to alcohol & drugs primarily. They talked about the devestation it led in their lives.

Some were on the complete opposite end of where they were once with great marriages that are thriving, wonderful jobs or businesses, blooming families, in leadership in the church. Their hearts are super big and really reaching out to others, leading, making a huge difference from their earlier pains & struggles.

Those that are on the opposite side shared some of the really low points in their lives and the turning points. One thing for sure is that it was God that changed their lives, but it was a process, and some taking many years with taking a few steps forward and than falling away for years to come back again. Yoyoing until things finally clicked and the change was 180°.

I remembering thinking as a little more than half the people had shared, that certain people weren’t going to share they had that issue and it was even worse. My gosh. I felt a little alone and wondered why God had me go to a group that was mostly either former alcoholics & drug addicts. Afterall, I never did drugs and don’t like alcohol.

Was careful to not judge anyone and then God just whispered “money” and “men”. It was so softly that I could barely understand what He whispered in my head. So, since the words didn’t work too well, God flooded my mind of images regarding my relationships with money & men over the years – the very highs, the very lows – the rollercoaster, as well as my relationship with exercise & food.

Here these people talked about mainly alcohol and drugs and mine was FOUR things!!! It felt so humbling. Addictions take over your lives. You believe the lies that you need to hang onto those addictions to gain approval, to feel accepted, or maybe it’s to numb the pain, to live in denial.

The turning point isn’t always just one low, sometimes it’s multiple lows until you get it. Yes, the lessons keep repeating until we learn the lesson and are ready to move on.

I think once nearly being a millionaire now being more than flat broke and deeply in debt, my kids and I living with my dad, not being able to afford to pay for gas to do things with my kids and all those other things we’ve had to get down to are pretty low.

Hope the story that I will be able to share 5 yrs to 10 yrs from now will be completely on the better side of God’s miraculous deliverance. It all had to come through acknowledging our sins, confession to God and repentance. Without repentance, there is no remission for our sins. And, none of this could happen without God initiating all this, at least in my own beliefs.

Yes, I fit right into the group, even though my medium is different. All addictions are bondages. I’m glad I listened to the Lord on where to go for small group.


On my kids’ school supply list, my daughter needed a scientific calculator. There was a part of me that just wanted to go out and buy her one and I knew that I could get one for

Me: School starts in another week and I still don’t have a calculator for H.
Holy Spirit: I know.
Me: So, where am I going to get the calculator? I missed the 25% off coupon at Staples. Susie suggested WalMart. None of my siblings have a scientific calculator to give H.
Holy Spirit: I know.
Me: What should I do?
Holy Spirit: {silence}

Me: Okay, it’s now 4 days until school. Hey, there’s a scientific calculator. It can do a bunch of stuff and it’s on Clearance and way marked down. It’s under $8. Should I get this?
Holy Spirit: Wait.
Me: It’s on clearance. If I wait and come back, it probably won’t be on clearance again and I won’t be out near this Target again for another week or 2. It’s on clearance! Do you see that? It’s even for less than I expected to pay.
Holy Spirit: You expected to pay $5 or less originally. Now you’re willing to pay almost $8? . . . Wait.
Me: So, are you saying to get the calculator? It’s not even $8. I can use the Target gift card in my purse. There’s enough on it.
Holy Spirit: {silence}
Me: Okay, I’m getting it.

After picking up my daughter from her aunt’s.

Me: Hey, H, I got you a scientific calculator and I got a great deal on it!
Daughter: Auntie got me a calculator.
Me: Oh? Where?
Daughter: At the Dollar Store.
Me: Is it a scientific calculator?
Daughter: Yes. It can do algebra, geometry, and a lot of other things.
Me: How much did she pay for it?
Daughter: $1
Me: Are you serious? Really? 1?
Me: {incredibly humbled}

I looked at both calculators and they had the same things, minus mine was solar powered & bigger.

Often the Holy Spirit speaks very softly to me in many situations. However, there are times He speaks loudly. Pretty much 100% of the time when I ignore or discount what I’m hearing/sensing or whatever you call it, I’m humbled in one form or another.

I’m still learning how to discern between whether it’s the Holy Spirit speaking, my flesh, or someone not in alignment with God for my life.

I do know that when I am doing what God tells me to do, there is peace, whether what I’m being asked to do makes sense to me logically or not. A lot of times it seems crazy or foolish to my logic, but there is a calming peace always. If there’s anxiety, that is not from God. Similar, if there is fear, lust, greed, those are not from God.

I do believe God speaks to everyone, but people’s ability to be able to hear can be dulled, blocked/thwarted, hindered by all sorts of things. I do believe also there are times or points in our lives where we can no longer hear God due to our own choices and wills, and God has given those to what they desire – that is, to block Him from their lives.

Some people may think compared to many people, that I may be close to God. However, so many situations present themselves that still show how very self-centered I am, wanting to assert my own way over God’s. The calculator, though a very small thing to most, is a prime example.

God’s timing is always perfect and on time. It is always best. He works on His own timetable, not mine. So, I get another opportunity to humble myself before God, repent and ask for forgiveness.

It’s all about Him, not me. I’m thankful God is a patient teacher.

Women's Retreat

I so wanted to go to the women’s retreat this year and would’ve gotten a scholarship to go, but something said I should not. Yesterday in the mail, I got called to serve on jury duty and it was for the Friday of the women’s retreat.

Thankfully I didn’t sign up.

I don’t think saying I’m attending a women’s retreat will be enough to say to not go to jury duty, so glad I didn’t make plans. And, I am glad it’s not too far from where I live and doesn’t take me to downtown Phx, as that would be 25-30 miles from where I live.

In my whole entire voting time, I’ve only actually have to show up once, but got dismissed from having to serve. All the other times, I did not have to show up. I used to get called every other year in my 20s and early 30s, but it’s been 3 yrs and prior to that, it was 4 yrs. Before that, it was every other year.

Sometimes it’s really easy to know that God is prompting me through the Holy Spirit and other times, I have no clue. Some call this intuition, 6th sense, or whatever. I say it’s the Holy Spirit whispering me to do or not do something or about something that I physically cannot see the signs.

Office Supplies

On Sunday, after the 15% off I had with Staples, I needed more supplies as I didn’t buy enough. I went to WalMart, to get what I needed – a file crate and more green hanging file folders. They only had the file folders. Frustrating. I was hoping that Staples would be by WalMart where I went, but it was OfficeMax nearby. No can do.

While at WalMart, since my daughter had been stuck at home for several days now and not going anywhere due to chicken pox, I was going to spend $5 on a sandart thing. After it got rung up, I saw that it wasn’t $5, but $10. Didn’t want to spend that much, so I was going to return just that, but decided the hanging file folders and the sand art were going to be returned.

After church, I was going to the WalMart-Staples a few miles from where I lived and rebuy the hanging file folders from WalMart and get the file crate from Staples. But, I clearly sensed that I wasn’t supposed to get either of these at this time.

A couple days ago, I got a $5 Bonus Rewards thing from Staples for $5 that I need to use by the end of July. Today I got another coupone for 20% off any 1 item and it’s for today and tomorrow. The file crate is $6.99 and if I use this coupon, it comes to $0.64. Yippee!! What a deal.

Then, I can have my daughter buy the hanging green file folders, with a 20% coupon. This will be less than at WalMart. Then, this won’t have to be an extra trip, because you can only use the 20% off on any 1 item per visit per customer.

Basically, I get the file crate and 3 of the hanging folders for free. Super great!

I remember my will wanting to assert itself on Sunday to get these items, and then it did it again on Tuesday, when my kids and I ran errands. I even felt it some on Thursday, too. Even though I had seen the $5 Bonus Rewards, what was really cool that when I opened my email, to get another 20% off was even better. That is icing on the cake.

NOW, I feel that today is the time to get those items.

In the Bible, when Elijah was looking for God in all sorts of things, like the earthquake, the winds, etc., He didn’t find God in any of those areas speaking to Him, rather that still small voice.

I didn’t hear God’s voice audibly, but I did sense in my spirit what I was supposed to or not supposed to do. I wish that I had listened all those times that the Holy Spirit told me that I was making a bad choice and that I would’ve listened. It certainly would’ve saved me so much of the crap I’m going through.

However, the good thing is, I’m now listening, even to things that seem pretty trivial to others. I know most people can just go out and buy this $14 worth of stuff plus tax and no big deal. This will be a total for me of $6.72 after the coupons and Bonus are cashed in. I save $8.51 total!!! That’s 2.5 gals of gas for me or about 40-45 miles (yes, I don’t get great gas mileage).

I’m not having to drive extra to Staples, because I’m already doing stuff in that area.

This same thing can apply to anything. I do believe God does want us to seek Him in all areas of our lives, including office supplies. His way and plan is so much better than mine. All I had to do was wait and listen, and be content in this until the time to take action was upon me.

Mad At Myself

I am mad at myself and at the person that attempted to help me. This is with regards to the post before this entry in this goal.

A year ago and even more, I committed to not get into any business where I had to go into debt for or commit to anything where it would require me to be MORE in debt. When you’ve given up your home, cars, many possessions, the life you were used to because of debts, it’s really a tough lesson.

I know her heart was good and that she really wanted to help me and to see do well financially, to get out of this, but her starting me in this business—lending me the money, was basically her cosigning. Originally she said it would be a gift from her, but then it turned out to not be. Can’t remember why. Maybe I said I didn’t want the gift and would rather pay her back, which sounds like me. Can’t remember.

Told her yesterday that I will not be continuing doing the MK business no matter how great some people have done and how it’s changed their lives. I’m not one of those salespeople that can sell snow to eskimos, nor do I aspire to be.

IF she was super successful and making it happen in her life, maybe that would’ve helped me, but she’s very scatterbrained—at least my perception. She goes a million miles a minute and is all over the place. Maybe it’s organization to her, but it frustrates me and it’s hard for me to understand from where she’s coming from.

I am grateful for where her heart was and her intentions and with God’s help, I will hold no grudges for the mistakes she made with me. I still owe her money and though she says it doesn’t matter to her whether I ever pay her back or not, I really don’t believe that.

Now she’s asking for what I owe her partially in cash. I’m not going to say how much my kids and I live on, but it’s well below the nation’s poverty and really we live on a fraction of what is considered poverty.

Yet, because of the generosity of my family and others, we are not living in the projects or homeless. God has also blessed me to be legally resourceful and we often get excellent, quality free stuff or stuff for hardly anything, within our budget. Money or gift cards or whatever often have come unexpectedly through Divine intervention.

She did supply me free with some office supplies. Those don’t come cheap and she did host a party for me and has driven me to a few places. I’m very grateful. She has every right to ask for all her money in cash and every penny if she wants, and I’ll abide by her wishes, though, she’ll have to wait and have me do payments over a long period of time.

The thing was, she went out and charged all this stuff on her credit card for MK products because it was buy $600 at wholesale, but pay the tax on the retail price ($1200), plus shipping, the website, the startup. If you bought the $600 in product, you would get $200 in product (not product you choose but what they want to give you). So basically you pay for $600+tax+shipping and can sell $1600+tax. Essentially, you should make just under $1000 there, less the shipping, if you sold all that product.

I’m still at a loss and have not made a profit and I still have product. I told her I didn’t want her to charge any products on her credit card for me and that I would wait until my customers bought from me and then order the products. She said that was not a good value for my money.

So, is where I am a good value for my money? In debt? No profit? Feeling upset with her?

Right, if I had done it the way I committed to God, I think I actually would’ve had a profit. I’ve sold about $700 worth of products, I think, at retail. This means it would’ve cost me $350 to order, and it was split into 4 different ordering times. Yes, that would’ve cost me shipping of $8.95 each time. Since at MK you make 50%, my share would’ve been $350-$36 = $314 profit.

I would not have any products that I NEED to sell to anyone or have to sell back to the company, like I do now, which I have approximately $700 left that I need to sell. Great!

Maybe the other way would’ve been slower, but $0 debt is very important to me. I have so much debts right now that I’m drowning in them.

I have to forgive my friend and though I’ve done this numerous times, I need to keep doing it until I really mean it. I do love her.

It’s hard for her to relate to me as she’s never been in my position or remotely close. They buy all the latest and greatest electronics, have fancy cars, enable their kids all the time, lack good cohesive discipline with them. Her husband makes loads of money, but he also spends loads. I do not see them as good examples of godly stewardship of giving and management of their money.

She told me that whatever I don’t sell, I can write off as a tax break. I’m pretty sure the fact that we bring in so little, we get every tax break available. That’s not the issue. The issue is bringing in money to pay for things like the basic necessities.

She’s on her second phone in the last year. Her most recent phone is in the past week, which I’m sure is a fancy phone that is probably more than what I owe her. However, it is her right to buy whatever and whenever they want.

She says she understands, but, she really doesn’t. She wants to see things better for me, but she really doesn’t know how to help me. I don’t really know how to help me either. I’m not hopeless, as God is filled with hope.

However, I do know that I need to focus on God and seek first the Kingdom of God. There are practical things I’m to do. It doesn’t mean that I am to sit and read my Bible all day and do nothing outside of that.

She told me that I could minister to other people and just serve them and then the business for MK will come. Perhaps. But, I don’t really have extra money and if there is, I need to be wise with it. We have many needs and sometimes that is to wait and save to get that thing.

We used to be fully insured for everything. Now, all I have is car and health insurance. That’s it. I need more insurance, but it’s not within what I have. God has seen fit to make sure we don’t need to use the other insurances for now, but I do believe that when I’m making enough, that that is some of the first things I need to get. It’s not a matter of not trusting God, rather, it’s just called being responsible.

Without going further and venting here about her, I’m just going to lift all this up to God and how He wants me to pay for it that would honor Him as well as honor her. I’m setting aside what I feel and chock this up to another hard lesson learned. I will not let this come in the way of friendship.

LESSON: If someone wants to donate money to me and not expect it in return, great. But, I will not be taking out loans to start my business of any type, or to buy things. I’m going to trust God that if I really need it, He’ll supply the cash or the service/products.

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